What does Value Added mean exactly?

March 31, 2008 by Garrett Smith

Quality customer service at VoIP Supply

As a consumer, how many times have you been in a situation wondering the status of a good or service being provided to you? It’s not a great feeling to be left in the dark, so why do consumers feel the need to live in the “dark”? The excuses of inadequate time, lack of patience, or simply the unknown meaning of great representation, seems to be present daily throughout the minds of many consumers. Because of this, I want to reach out to you, let you know we are here to help, find solutions, answer questions, keep you happy, follow through, but most of all–make a friend!

Providing customer service at all levels is something VoIP Supply prides itself in, and it’s improving daily. What aspect of a business is more rewarding then having a satisfied, excited customer? How do we actually do this? Providing a live body, excellent support, pre/post sale support, and many additional add-ons has not only become the focus of VoIP Supply, but is at the core of our work ethic. As a growing company, the focus to fill your needs is our top priority, and it shows on a daily basis.

What greater reward could you ask for? Let our staff turn the “lights of service” on for you, and help you become the “excited” consumer. As your care taker we want your hospitality, your presence, and dedication. My final line to you is to simply try us; I guarantee you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Let us be the “Value-Added” to your day.

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