Video Conferencing Guide: How to Choose your Best VoIP Solution by Room Size

October 17, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Not all meeting rooms are the same, that’s why you need to find the right conferencing solution for your specific space to enjoy the best communication experience. Not sure what features and functionalities to look for? Use this blog post as a guide! 

How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing Solution by Room Size

Executive Office/ Home Office: 

For small rooms such as an executive office or home office, you would want to look for a solution that’s compact enough for your narrow space. Chances are you already have an audio deskphone in place and an additional add-on camera like Jabra’s PanaCast will do the job, giving you the powerful face-to-face communication experience.

In addition to audio and video quality, I personally also prefer a plug-and-play solution. Time is money. If you don’t have any easy-to-reach tech support, choosing a video conferencing solution with easy installation is a no brainer. See more mini room solutions here.

Small to Medium Room/ Huddle Room: 

Looking to accommodate about 4 to 10 participants? Now you need to pay closer attention to your audio volume and video quality! Choose a video conferencing solution with a greater voice pickup range and a wide field of view to ensure that everyone can hear/see and be heard/seen in the meeting.  

Don’t forget to take future into consideration! A future-proof solution like Poly Studio comes with flexible calling compatibility that works with nearly every video platform, including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more. Also, this simple device can move around easily to accommodate any space as your business grows. 

Large Room:

High video and audio quality is the key for hosting a successful meeting in a large room such as auditoriums and classrooms. You need a powerful video conferencing solution like Lifesize’s Icon800 which gives you 4K image quality, ultrahigh definition content sharing, superior sound and more to create the best meeting room experience.

Having a simplified user interface is also important. Make it easy for your participants to connect and collaborate quickly. Remember, our VoIP experts are always here to help set you up with a custom sound solution that will make even the biggest meetings a little less stressful! 

Looking for more ideas? Get a free consultation at 1-800-398-8647!

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