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Conference Phones for Large Size Rooms

I feel it is safe to assume that the more people involved in a meeting, the more important the information and the conversation surrounding it, otherwise it could have been an email (insert classic meme here). But in all honesty, it is not always an easy feat to ensure that everyone is heard in a large space with a large group of people. That is yet again where our excellent VoIP experts come into play. We have taken all the research out of your buying process and listed all the phones that will work for your group of 15+ participants with a series of options that include added mics and more. Need something for an even bigger space? We can help! Call us today and we can help set you up with a custom sound solution that will make even the biggest meetings a little less stressful. You can work with experts of each brand to look over your floor plans and design a setup specific to your space's size, shape, and building materials. Call 1-800-398-8647 if this sounds like a fit for you. 

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