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Conference Phones for Large Size Rooms

I feel it is safe to assume that the more people involved in a meeting the more important the information and the conversation surrounding it, otherwise it could have been an email (insert classic meme here). But in all honesty, it is not always an easy feat to ensure that everyone is heard in a large space with a large group of people. That is yet again where our awesome VoIP experts come into play. We have taken all the research out of your buying process and listed all the phones that will work for your group of 15+ participants with a series of options that include added mics and more. Need something for an even bigger space? We can help! Call us today and we can help set you up with a custom sound solution that will make even the biggest meetings a little less stressful. You can work with experts of each brand that can look over your floor plans and design a set up that will be specific to your spaces size, shape, and building materials. Call 1-800-398-8647 if this sounds like a fit for you. 

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  1. Polycom Soundstation 2W Ex Microphone Kit

    SKU: 02-101763

    The Polycom SoundStation 2W Ex Mic Pods (2200-07840-001) will let you expand your SoundStation 2W EX's sound coverage. Add these 2 extension microphones to your SoundStation2W EX wireless conference phone to ensure superior sound quality during your conference.
  2. VTech VCS850 ErisStation SIP DECT Expansion Wireless Speakerphone

    SKU: 02-123961

    VTech's VCS850 is an accessory speakerphone to be used with VTech's VCS752 ErisStation SIP Conference Phone. The VCS850 SIP DECT Expansion Wireless Microphone helps you increase the number of active participants on a call. You can add up to three VCS850's per one VCS752 conference phone.
  3. Konftel 250

    SKU: 02-118307

    The Konftel 250 is equipped with the patented OmniSound HD audio technology. The Konftel 250 has a built in recording function that enables calls to be recorded to an SD Memory card.

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  4. Polycom Extension Mics for CX3000 and Duo

    SKU: 02-112572

    The Polycom 2200-15855-001 adds 2 expansion microphones on to an existing Soundstation Duo or Polycom CX3000 conference phone.
  5. Panasonic KX-NT700

    SKU: 02-108642

    The Panasonic KX-NT700 works with your existing telephone system, or operates natively on your business or broadband data network. The system includes a Three-Party Conference feature that lets you conference up to three units together, or conference one analog call into a two-party IP conference meeting.
  6. Konftel 300IP External Microphone Kit 900102113

    SKU: 02-107738

    The Konftel 900102080 is a set of expansion microphones for the Konftel 300IP conference phone.
  7. Polycom IP 6000 VTX1000 Exp Mics

    SKU: 02-101795

    The Polycom 2215-07155-001 are expansion microphones for the VTX1000 and IP6000 conference phones.
  8. Yamaha FLX UC 1500 IP & USB Conference Phone (with Extension Microphones)

    SKU: 02-118947

    The latest member of the FLX UC Conference Phone family, the award-winning FLX UC 1500 Conference Phone with Extension Microphones provides the same superior audio quality as the FLX UC 500 and FLX UC 1000 USB and IP Conference Phones, while supporting USB audio for softphone calls, and SIP telephony for all IP PBX's. The FLX UC 1500 also features call bridging between VoIP and USB calls.

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  9. Yamaha YVC-1000 UC Microphone & Speaker System

    SKU: 02-118985

    The Yamaha YVC-1000 UC Microphone & Speaker System is the latest UC communications device from Yamaha.
  10. Polycom IP 7000 KIT

    SKU: 02-110249

    SoundStation IP 7000 multi-unit connectivity kit for large room coverage

Items 1 to 10 of 23 total

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