Huddle Room/ Office

Conference Phones for Huddle Rooms and Offices 

With the new open office environment, we all know and love huddle rooms! They are the perfect space for 4 to 6 participants to collaborate on projects without disrupting the work of others. Often times these smaller groups will need to interact with other people who are working remotely. This can cause problems when making sure that these spaces have the tools they need to fit this unique space. Well, our experts at VoIP Supply have taken the time to focus on conferencing tools that help fit this need. From portable conference phones to all-in-one solutions that can be attached right to the wall (saving you some precious table space) we have all you need and more for huddle rooms. 

The same can be said about offices. We often find ourselves having very important spur-of-the-moment meetings in offices and crowding around a desk phone that we turned on to speakerphone. Not only is it uncomfortable for the people in the room, it is uncomfortable for the person on the other end of the line too. You can only ask someone to repeat themselves so many times before you are dying of awkwardness. So let's be honest here, if your work is important enough that you have a meeting, isn't it a little important that you are heard? Check out some simple solutions below that will have everyone hearing each other loud and clear. From conference phones with portable mics for each person or something that easily collaborates with your softphone (even on your cell), we have what you need. 

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