VoIP Insider Makes Top 100 Telecom Blogs List

May 8, 2008 by Garrett Smith

VoIP Now recently released its list of the Top 100 Telecom Industry Blogs. Wouldn’t you know, our little VoIP-blog-that-could, VoIP Insider, made the list! The list is broken into seven categories: VoIP, Corporate Blogs, Mobile Blogs, Wireless Blogs, Outside the U.S., Niche and Toys and Gadgets. We made the best Corporate Blogs list; blogs which “belong to major commercial telecom companies or to individuals who hold high positions within major commercial businesses and corporations.” Some blogs listed were also “concerned with a specific product or service.”

Check us out at #42 (alphabetical, not ranking, order)!

Our Director of Marketing and Business Development, Garrett Smith, also appeared on the list for his Smith on VoIP blog. It’s great to be considered among these great communicators!

Thanks to Jimmy Atkinson at VoIP Now for including us on his list!

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