VoIP Supply Certified AT&T Synapse Partner

October 7, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

VoIP Supply is proud to announce the addition of AT&T Synapse small business VoIP phone systems.

VoIP Supply is now a certified AT&T Synapse SMB Partner capable of delivering the latest:

  • Synapse™ Business Phone Systems
  • SnyJ™ Extendable Range Phone Systems
  • AT&T Synapse Cordless Handsets and Headsets

Hybrid VoIP System

AT&T Synapse phones are a hybrid systems aimed at small businesses that want VoIP features and functionality but aren’t ready for hosted VoIP or SIP trunking.  AT&T Synapse systems are extremely easy to install and work great for customers using PSTN lines or a T1/PRI line in their facility.

VoIP + Multitasking Advantages

Utilizing your existing LAN, AT&T Synapse™ is a proprietary system supporting up to 100 handsets and 39 outside lines giving your office the internal advantages of VoIP plus the multitasking productivity of wireless connectivity.

“VoIP Supply is excited to be a certified SMB partner for AT&T Synapse systems,” said Garrett Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at VoIP Supply.   “The intuitive and simplified AT&T Synapse phone systems enable VoIP Supply to assist customers at the early stages of VoIP convergence with their low upfront costs and future adaptability.”

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