Women in VoIP: From the Inbox

July 18, 2008 by Garrett Smith

I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from the Women in VoIP series, and came across a great email from Becca Harpham, an associate with Texas Instruments.  She had a great recommendation for Debbie Greenstreet, director for voice service provider marketing at Texas Instruments. 

I’ll let Becca take the floor:

Dear Nicole,

I’m an avid reader of VoIP Insider and recently came across your series entitled “Women in VoIP” that highlights prominent women in the VoIP industry. Your posts thus far have been a great resource to me and your latest entry on Liz Rabban inspired me to send you a description of my colleague Debbie Greenstreet, director for voice service provider marketing at Texas Instruments.

Debbie is an extraordinary engineering and marketing professional and after several conversations with her, I had the opportunity to listen and learn about her passion and vision for the promise of voice technology, a trait that I think distinguishes her from other individuals who work in the VoIP industry. Debbie believes voice technology has limitless potential and she was driven to pursue VoIP engineering because of her dedication to liberating and connecting people around the world.

Working for Texas Instruments enables Debbie to see the direct impact voice technology in a variety of regions, industries and economic classes. She believes her mission as a woman in VoIP is to speak up and lead. She holds her father as the most inspiring person in her life who always stressed, since she was very young, that she could do anything she wanted, and gender was never once mentioned as a potential road block. In the most recent conversation I had with her, I remember Debbie saying, “I never once acknowledged any gender boundaries that could inhibit my dreams to become an engineer.”

Debbie pushes herself to always try to understand the “big picture” for each VoIP project she undertakes. Debbie’s 10-year career in VoIP also impacts her personal pursuits including her international travels and philanthropy. For example, Debbie’s deep passion for animals has driven her to dedicate herself to the animal rescue group she founded called HART (Homeless Animal Rescue Team). She says that “the evolution of technology has directly impacted the efficiency and overall effectiveness of HART.” Debbie is now constantly in contact with her organization’s members and able to more successfully help the public who save animals in her town through the mobility and exceptional quality of VoIP applications.

 Thank you for your posts. Your appreciation for the dedicated women in the VoIP industry is admirable. I think you will find that Debbie is an inspiration to female VoIP professionals as well.

Thanks for the note Becca! It is always great to hear that VoIP technology can reach everywhere to everyone!  If anyone else has any suggestions or stories about women in VoIP, or just great VoIP-sters in general, please email me at nschuman@voipsupply.com.

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