Yealink T46G: How to Transfer to Voicemail

June 13, 2016 by Steve Lopian

When you know someone is unavailable, you don’t want to transfer your customer to a ringing line and make them wait to leave a voicemail.
Yealink T46G

With the Yealink T46G, you don’t have to! When transferring a call, you would typically hit the Transfer button on the front of the phone, dial the extension and then hit the Transfer button again. Doing this will connect the number to the extension you have dialed.

In the case where you know no one will be on the other end, you can let your customer know that they will be put straight through to voicemail by adding this one simple step.

After hitting the Transfer button, press the (*) button before entering the extension. After doing this, hit the Transfer button once more, and the line will be connected to that extension’s voicemail.

Example: Transfer > *123 > Transfer

Click here for more information on the Yealink T46G


  • This does not work- I have a yealink T46G and intermedia system
    1) the yealink DOES not have a Blind Transfer under the “More” button

    How do I transfer a call DIRECT to voicemail with NO BLIND key

    • Hi Kelly,

      Ensure that you’re running the latest firmware for the Yealink T46G in order to transfer to voicemail. If you do not want the call answered, press “transfer”, then press “1” and then the User’s extension number and press “transfer” again.

      The Yealink T46G does have this feature, but I would make sure that you have your phone properly provisioned so that you may use this feature. If Intermedia will only install the certain firmware, then it could just be a limitation on their end. If you have more questions, please feel free to submit a ticket here:

      Thank you,

  • Maria

    When doing this it just rang back to my phone. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hello!

    I am having the same issue! My T46G does not have the “More” option and dialing 1 and * first don’t work. Please help!

  • Renee

    Hi – I have a T46S and I tried to you your example Transfer > *123 > Transfer..but instead I accidentally hit Transfer > *123 > soon as I did that, I got a auto message that said “your voicemail is now set to answer calls immediately”. So now when anyone calls my phone, it goes straight to voicemail. How do I undo this?

  • Hello i have a t48S – all calls are automatically going to voicemail, but all call forward options are set to OFF, please help!

    • admin

      Hi Ashleigh,

      Double check that you do not have DND (Do Not Disturb) on. You can check that in the status menu, that could be causing this. Alternatively, it could be that a setting was changed on your PBX, if that’s the case, you will need to log into your UI to check the settings there.

      Let us know if you have any additional questions!


  • Michelle

    My phone was programmed to do the transfer * ext transfer. Once our phone system was updated/migrate the function no longer works. Which is not good for my business. There is another to do it but it’s such a long and annoying process. You have to hit transfer *55 wait for the auto attendant enter the extension. So many unnecessary steps. I’ve already submitted a ticket. I’m waiting on a response.

    • VoIP Experts

      Hi Michelle,

      I am sorry that is happening! Phones and their features and functions are typically dependent on how the service provider has provisioned the phone with their system. So if it was a custom built function with the previous service provider and phone, that feature will most likely not move or work with the same phone and different service provider.

      If you still need help with this please let us know and we can see if we can offer more assistance.


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