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LifeSize Connections HD Bundle Solution

LifeSize Connections

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  • Logitech C920 Webcam Front
  • Jabra UC Voice 250 USB Headset
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Solution Overview

LifeSize Connections HD Bundle Solution

LifeSize Connections HD Bundles

Welcome to Best-in-Class Video Conferencing solutions. With LifeSize Connections HD bundles, you are everywhere you need to be at a price that everyone can afford. Gone are the days of price-exclusivity – you deserve the best – you deserve LifeSize Connections.

Why Video Conferencing?

There are so many reasons to add HD Video Conferencing to your business communications – many are universal, while most are as unique as your company itself.

With Video, you can conduct interviews, consult with off-site experts, connect remote offices for meetings, and increase overall productivity by promoting Visual Thinking.

Did you know that approximately 65% of the population is comprised of Visual Thinkers? The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information. Not to mention that Video Conference participants are far more likely to pay attention during your meeting than to multitask like they might do during an audio-only conference call.

Why LifeSize Connections HD Bundles?

If you are new to Video Conferencing, LifeSize Connections is an excellent place to begin. Why endure a huge capital expenditure? With LifeSize Connections, everyone can afford to add full 720p HD video conferencing to business communications.

Which Bundle is Right for You?

Choose between our selective HD bundles including the HD Elite – for those of you who demand the very best; the HD Popular - for the in-crowd; and the HD Standard – for the lite users. There is also a software-only option. Details below.

LifeSize Connections HD Bundle Components

LifeSize Connections Client Click here for details.

Logitech C920 HD Webcam Click here for details.

Jabra Speak 410 Click here for details.

Jabra UC Voice 250 USB Headset Click here for details.

Jabra CHILL PC Corded Headset Click here for details.

Financing options are available - turn your Capital Expenditure into an Operating Expense with our Third-Party leasing options and Net30 Terms.

Contact a Video Conferencing Consultant today at 1(855) 820-8006 or email us at VideoConferencing@voipsupply.com.

LifeSize Connections HD Software-Only Solution

720p HD Video Conferencing is within your reach, and at a price that everyone can afford in any economy. Go ahead and buy that corporate jet. With all the money you will save in your Video Conferencing set-up, you can afford to add video without redrafting the annual corporate budget.

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