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VoIP Supply is a Yealink Authorized Reseller
Simplify and secure business communications with Yealink's IP Phone collection. From standard SIP desk phones to USB and multimedia phones, Yealink makes VoIP easy to deploy, configure and support.

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About Yealink

Yealink was founded in Xiamen, China in 2001. They are 100% focused on IP Telephony for the SIP market.

Yealink has over 50 R&D engineers who ensure the innovation of their products. Their VoIP phones are characterized by a large number of functions which simplify business communication with a high standard of security and can work with seamlessly with a large number of SIP PBXs that support SIP.

Yealink’s IP phones are certified to work with many of VoIP Supply’s top partners. Yealink offers standard SIP desk phones, Video and multimedia phones, and even USB phones for use with Skype or other softphones.

Why buy Yealink?

  • Yealink phones are feature rich but also budget conscious so you can afford to mass deploy them.
  • Desk phones come in multiple configurations and most include a dual Ethernet port switch.
  • Phones are easy to deploy and configure, including mass deployment support, auto firmware upgrade and configuration, and a web interface for local/manual configuration.
Yealink VoIP Phones and accessories
VoIP Supply is an Authorized Online Yealink Reseller