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About Yealink Conference Phones

Designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, Yealink conference phones allow you to connect with multiple parties remotely from anywhere in the world.

Providing optima HD voice, 10-feet and 360 degree voice pickup, built-in three microphone array, and 5-way conferencing support, Yealink conference phones bring you both fashion design and handy functions.

Yealink conference phones take you to a whole new conference level by adding more practical functions which include USB call recording support, 320ms echo cancellation tail length, and conference connection to mobile phones or PCs. With the optional expansion microphones, you can also enjoy an additional 10-feet extension to the range of the conference phone to ensure the richness and clearness on the call.

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  1. Yealink Teams CP700-BT Portable Speakerphone with BT50 300-700-001

    SKU: 02-127702

    The Yealink CP700 is a Teams Certified portable speakerphone that includes a BT50 dongle for connectivity with PCs, tablets and smartphones. The CP700-BT is lightweight and portable, yet efficient and high-quality speakerphone that will let you make clear calls wherever work takes you.
  2. Yealink CP920 Conference Phone with WiFi and Bluetooth

    SKU: 02-123863

    The Yealink CP920 is a Touch-sensitive HD IP Conference Phone CP920 that simplifies communication for businesses with small to medium-sized conference rooms with features such as echo cancellation, 3-way audio, and a full duplex speakerphone.
  3. Yealink Single CPW90-BT Wireless Mic for CP960 1304025

    SKU: 02-123727

    The Yealink CPW90 Wireless Microphone for CP960 features Optima HD voice and full-duplex audio technology. It has a 10-foot 360° voice pickup range and echo cancellation for calls that are crisp and clear.
  4. Yealink CP700 UC Portable Speakerphone

    SKU: 02-130743

    The Yealink CP700 UC Portable Speakerphone is a portable speaker that can be connected via Bluetooth or a USB 2.0 cable. The CP700 features HD Voice and full duplex audio.
  5. Yealink CP925 Conference Phone

    SKU: 02-131165

    The Yealink CP925 Conference Phone is a feature-rich device with optimal HD Audio and full-duplex technology. It surpasses the already successful Yealink conference phones and has come to enhance small to medium conference rooms' with unmatched technology and an unbeatable price point.
  6. Yealink CP965 Touchscreen HD Conference Phone

    SKU: 02-131168

    The Yealink CP965 Conference Phone is the ideal device for hosting voice meetings in medium to large conference rooms.
  7. Yealink MSpeech AI Speakerphone 1306047

    SKU: 02-131434

    The Yealink MSpeech is a smart USB speakerphone that features three built-in microphone arrays for optimal voice pick up.
  8. Yealink CP935W Conference Phone

    SKU: 02-131543

    The Yealink CP935W Conference Phone is ideally suited for small to medium conference rooms.
  9. Yealink CP935W-Base Conference Phone

    SKU: 02-131544

    The Yealink CP935W-Base Conference Phone combines the Yealink CP935W Conference Phone and the W70B DECT base to provide a robust audio conferencing solution for small to medium conference rooms.
  10. Yealink CP965-TEAMS Conference Phone Microsoft Teams 1304017

    SKU: 02-132038

    CP965 Conference Phone Microsoft Teams 1304017

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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