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Yealink Conference Phones

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Yealink Conference Phones

About Yealink Conference Phones

Designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, Yealink conference phones allow you to connect with multiple parties remotely from anywhere in the world.

Providing optima HD voice, 10-feet and 360 degree voice pickup, built-in three microphone array, and 5-way conferencing support, Yealink conference phones bring you both fashion design and handy functions.

Yealink conference phones take you to a whole new conference level by adding more practical functions which include USB call recording support, 320ms echo cancellation tail length, and conference connection to mobile phones or PCs. With the optional expansion microphones, you can also enjoy an additional 10-feet extension to the range of the conference phone to ensure the richness and clearness on the call.

Yealink conference phones
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    If you are tired of unclear conference calls that hinder the success of your company, then you need the Yealink Diamond CP860 IP Conference Phone. The CP860 is the perfect solution to reduce wasted time and misunderstanding featuring Optima HD sound quality,a 10 foot range and 5-way conferencing.
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    The Yealink CPE80 are expansion microphone (single) for the Yealink CP860 VoIP Conference Phone.

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