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High Definition Konftel Conference Phones


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About Konftel Conference Phones

Konftel began when a bank manager asked Peter Renkel, an electrical consultant, if there was a way to get create a conference solution that would allow 2 way communication simultaneously (as opposed to only being able to hear one person at a time).

Peter Renkel and friend John-Erik Eriksson worked together to build the first telephone conference call system that allowed more than one party to speak and be heard at the same time. Hence Konftel had begun.

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Konftel HD Conference Phones

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  1. Konftel 900102096

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    The Konftel 900102096 is a battery charger for the Konftel 300W DECT spare battery.
  2. Konftel 900102095

    SKU: 02-109487

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    The Konftel 900102095 is a replacement battery for the Konftel 300W DECT conference phone.

Items 11 to 12 of 12 total