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Phoenix Audio

Providing an array of conferencing solutions, Phoenix Audio brings VoIP collaboration to an entirely new level. Known for their Spider and Quattro conferencing units, Phoenix offers a modern approach to VoIP conferencing.

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Phoenix Audio

Phoenix Audio

About Phoenix Audio

Phoenix Audio Technologies is an innovator of audio communication solutions for Voice Over IP (VoIP), Web Conferencing, Distance Learning and Videoconferencing applications. Phoenix develops Microphones, Speakerphones, Software, PCI products and other audio accessories that improve the performance of existing conferencing devices.

The Phoenix Audio mission is to deliver best-in-class communication hardware for enterprise, SME and SOHO markets. Phoenix Audio is developing a complete line of groundbreaking VoIP endpoints that will answer market demand for high quality, cost effective, user friendly hardware, completing the user's desktop audio conferencing solution.

Phoenix is a closely held private company with presence in Europe, the U.S., and the Far-East.

Why buy Phoenix Audio?

  • Phoenix Audio offers a variety of best-in-class audio conferencing solutions, from very large conference rooms to the single desktop user.
  • In addition to ready to use, plug and play products, Phoenix Audio offers OEM services ranging from ready to use hardware modules to software licensing and integration services.
  • Phoenix Audio products are the result of many years of research and market analysis and include unique features that also address the needs of some vertical markets.
VoIP Audio Conferencing Solutions by Phoenix Technologies
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