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Conference phones by snom

snom Conference Phones

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snom Conference Phones

About snom Conference Phones

Business class, meeting room full-duplex conference phones, designed for up to 10 participants in up to a 30x30 room.

Features include 12 different SIP identities, management of up to 4 external participants, and the highest in security. Available add-on microphones to entend your audio reach for 70x70 rooms.

Why buy snom Conference Phones?

  • Flexibility: Multiple SIP registrations, Management of up to 4 external participants
  • Superior audio quality for up to 10 people or up to 30 m² room area
  • Optional add-on microphones to extend audio radius to up to 70 m² room area
snom Conference phones

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    The snom Meeting Point is a business class meeting room full-duplex conference phone designed for up to 10 participants in up to a 30x30 room. Accessory microphones are available for larger rooms.
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    SNOM MP Expansion Mics 00002041

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