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Spectralink 7400 Series Handsets/Accs

Kirk 4000 series handsets and accessories

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Spectralink 7400 Series Handsets/Accs

Spectralink 7400 Series Handsets/Accs

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  1. SpectraLink 7420

    SKU: 02-102236

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    The 7420 Phone is custom-designed for retail, warehouse and production segments. Segments with a strong need for robust and at the same time user friendly wireless communication units that can be trusted by the user.
  2. SpectraLink 7440

    SKU: 02-102237

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    SpectraLink 7440 DECT Wireless Handset [02347000]. Formerly known as KIRK 4040, this handset is a robust, well designed and full feature handset. The meets demands for easy mobility and is for built for long-term dependability in harsh environments. In order to...
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    SpectraLink Single Stand 7420 and 7440 Charger - The user has the ability to use all the keys or the speakerphone while the handset is in the charger.
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    For 74-Handset and Repeaters (formerly known as KIRK 84642602) is the single power supply for SpectraLink 74-Series handsets and repeaters (formerly known as KIRK repeaters and KIRK 40xx and 74xx handsets).
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    Replacement battery (formerly Polycom 84743411 Standard Battery for Kirk 3040, 4020, 4040)
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    Spectralink Belt Clip with Connector for 74-Series 2319539
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    Belt clip connector for the Spectralink 7420 and 7440 handsets.
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    For 7480 handset only (84642496)

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total


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