Spectralink DECT

Spectralink DECT (formerly known as KIRK) 

Spectralink DECT solutions are versatile in many vertical markets because of their ability to interoperate with vertical-specific applications such as security systems, medical systems, or manufacturing machinery. In addition, the modular approach to purchasing KIRK allows you to make use of the phones and systems in many situations or environments without purchasing products you don't need. Multiple charging options are available for most Spectralink KIRK DECT VoIP phones, as well as multiple power supplies for use all over the world.

Why buy Spectralink DECT?

  • Sold modularly so you can customize your solution to what you need
  • Interoperate with many onsite applications to make your phone perform as more than just a verbal communication device
  • Increase productivity, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and response time
  • Runs on the DECT standard, which keeps your voice bandwidth separate from your data network
  • A wide range of handset types with features for many different environments
Spectralink DECT (formerly known as KIRK)