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Edge Devices

Protect and manage your network with these QoS devices and firewalls

Ensure your network is secure and running at its maximum capacity today with these firewalls and QoS devices.

Choose from over 40 different firewalls and QoS devices for your network at VoIP Supply. All of the QoS devices and firewalls we retail comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, are fully supported by our team of in-house networking experts and work in conjunction with most popular networking products like our network switch offerings.

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Edge Devices

Edge Devices

Find an Edge Device for your hosted VoIP Solution

When using a hosted VoIP provider or even an on-premise solution with SIP trunks, it is important to have an Edge Device on premise for QoS and security. An edge device is an appliance that sits between two distinct networks providing security and other features to the internal network. In the case of VoIP, an edge device is a gateway separating your LAN from the WAN and from your Voice Service Provider (VSP). The edge device provides security from hacks as well as voice prioritization, NAT traversal, and QoS monitoring.

Using hosted VoIP in business is a great way to save money on infrastructure and IT administration costs. However, you are leaving your critical voice traffic up to the health of the network - inside and outside your LAN. Using an edge device, like an Edgemarc Session Border Controller (SBC), helps shape the IP traffic patterns coming in and out of your LAN. You don't want employees watching YouTube or chatting on Facebook to interfere with the quality of your inbound and outbound voice, so an edge device like an SBC will prioritize voice traffic over the network providing QoS.

When using a hosted VoIP provider, your SBC will also give feedback to the VSP as to performance on your VoIP network. When problems do arise, don't leave solving them up to guessing. A quality SBC will report MOS scoring to your provider telling them exactly where the issues lie so that they can be addressed quickly and get you back up and running with high quality VoIP as soon as possible.

Session Border Controllers also provide PBX security, protecting your on-premise PBX from being hacked just like any other application running on your server. VoIP is much cheaper than using the PSTN to make all your calls, but it is not free. Businesses need to take steps to prevent hacking on their PBX systems which can cause extraordinary toll charges and bandwidth issues. An SBC will add an additional layer of security to your network called ALG or Application Layer Gateway, which aids in NAT traveral and will keep your PBX private.

VoIP Supply offers a wide variety of SBC's and edge devices which help deploy a successful VoIP network. If you are unsure which edge device you need for your VoIP Network, talk with one of our networking specialists at 1-800-398-8647.

All of the networking equipment we retail comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty and is fully supported by our team of in-house networking experts.

Don’t just get everything you need for VoIP – get everything you need for your network too!


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