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Reinventing the Network

Incorporated in 1985, Adtran is known as a leading global provider of networking and communications hardware for intelligent solutions. Growing with the technology, and in some cases leading it, Adtran is an old pro when it comes to telecommunications needs. Today they offer routers, PBXs, Ethernet Switches and much more, providing a smart and sound solution to your phone system needs.

Adtran Case Studies

  • 3G Wireless NIM Provides Flexibility for Citizen's National Bank
  • Adtran Internetworking Products Make Network a Reality for Obervatory

Adtran Comparison Charts

  • Netvanta Product Brochure and Comparison Chart
  • IP Business Gateways Total Access Brochure and Comparison Chart

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    The Total Access Series is ADTRAN's solution for modular systems that support incremental capital outlay and investment protection. These Carrier Class multiservice access platforms, integrated access devices (IADs), and concentrators, along with system management and services, support the access business model typical of today's service providers.
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    The Adtran NetVanta 1335 is a modular IP access router that integrates a 24-port layer 2/3 10/100 PoE switch. It also includes a firewall, VPN appliance, and DSU/CSU. The Netvanta 1335 also has 2 10/100/1000 combo ports for copper or optical connectivity.
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    The Total Access 924 offers a single T1 network interface and 24 FXS Ports, an integrated DSX-1 port for PBX connectivity (T1 CAS or PRI), and one 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface for access to the Total Access 900's router.
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    The Adtran TA916 is a 16 FXS Gateway with a single T1 port which supports SIP or MGCP.
  5. Adtran NetVanta 6355

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    Adtran NetVanta 6355 with PoE 24 port Switch and router 1200740E1

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