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Voice over Internet Protocol

You want the best calling experience. You also want an affordable service bill. These are both things VoIP can offer! As far as hardware goes, VoIP Supply offers hundreds of VoIP desktop, conference, and DECT phones to choose from. In order for this system to work, you’ll need a PBX either on the premise or hosted remotely. And while some businesses might be so small they won’t need it, several warehouses, government building and schools can enjoy the benefits of incorporating their paging system over the VoIP network.

Here at VoIP Supply Labs, you can browse through our favorite brands product information, comparison charts, design guides and how to’s to help you scout out the world of Voice Over IP. For more information, follow the links to whichever Voice over IP solution you’re looking for.

Just need help organizing your purchasing thoughts? See our VoIP Buyers Guides to help make your VoIP purchase go smoothly.

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