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Spectralink SVP101

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Spectralink SVP101 SVP Server 80 Users

The SpectraLink 8000 SVP Server is a dedicated network appliance that ensures excellent voice quality for SpectraLink Wireless Telephones operating on a converged Wi-Fi network. SVP Servers work in conjunction with SVP-enabled Wi-Fi access points to prioritize voice packets and manage bandwidth for voice and data applications. Network administrators can set a maximum number of simultaneous voice calls allowed on the access points, guaranteeing the availability of bandwidth for data applications. SVP Servers are designed for high reliability and require minimal setup and administration.

When used with SpectraLink 8000 Telephony Gateways, a single SVP Server supports up to 120 simultaneous calls. In most cases this provides sufficient call capacity for a telephony gateway system which has a maximum capacity of 640 handsets. When used with an IP telephony server, a single SVP Server will support up to 80 simultaneous calls. Multiple SVP Servers can be used to support more than 800 simultaneous calls in the IP telephony server environment. The SVP Server supports multiple configurations to provide quality of service (QoS) for customers of all sizes. For small businesses or remote offices, the SVP Server is available in 10 and 20 user configurations. Up to two of these Servers can be stacked to provide cost-effective scalability as your business grows. For larger customers, a third SVP Server option is available supporting up to 80 simultaneous calls. Up to 16 of these Servers can be combined to provide a maximum system capacity greater than 800 simultaneous calls or approximately 8,000 users.

SpectraLink Voice Priority (SVP) is the de facto standard for QoS on Wi-Fi networks. Adopted by the leading wireless LAN access point providers, SVP enables converged voice and data applications on a single wireless network infrastructure. SVP was developed to be an open, QoS mechanism for Wi-Fi networks. The SVP Server recognizes and prioritizes voice packets and passes them through the wireless network at a higher priority level to minimize latency with minimal impact on data throughput. SVP is field-proven in a wide variety of applications to provide excellent voice quality.

Spectralink SVP101 Product Overview

System Capacity
  • With Spectralink Telephony Gateway (Analog or Proprietary Digital PBX) - 120 simultaneous calls
  • With IP PBX - 54-80* simultaneous calls per server (varies depending on number of servers in the configuration)
    • 16 Max number of SVP101 Servers stacked together
    • Max simultaneous calls with 16 servers = 864
    Order Power supply separately
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  • Manufacturer
    Spectralink SVP101

    Brian Hyrek

    Direct: 866-583-0815

    Why Pay $1,399.99 for the Spectralink SVP101?

    • Will support up to 80 simultaneous calls when used with a telephony server

    • Provides industry-standard QoS

    • Can use up to 16 SVP Servers for a maximum 864 simultaneous calls

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