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Ying-Hui ( Evy), has been working at VoIP Supply since November 2015. She is currently working in the Marketing Department helping with market research, SEO analysis/ tracking, email marketing and blogs. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

How to Configure Busy Monitoring on Snom’s M500

December 2, 2022
Have you heard of the Busy Monitoring feature? As the name implies, Busy Monitoring provides the ability to monitor other users within Snom M500 when ... READ MORE

Watch Now: 2022 November VoIP News Update

November 30, 2022
Get ready for our November VoIP News Update!   In this month's VoIP News Update, we'll cover some exciting new products from Algo and Jabra! ... READ MORE

November VoIP Hardware Roundup: New Grandstream Phones, New Snom M5xx Series and More!

November 21, 2022
November is usually a very busy month at VoIP Supply and this year is no exception! Today we will give you a tour of the ... READ MORE

Overview: Algo Device Management Platform

November 17, 2022
If you haven’t heard of Algo’s Device Management Platform (ADMP) yet, now’s your time to discover what it’s all about! Algo and VoIP Supply teamed ... READ MORE

7 Like-New VoIP Phones to Add to Your Holiday Shopping List

November 15, 2022
While shopping this holiday season, don't forget to check out VoIP Supply’s popular like-new phones! Let me walk you through some of the best like-new ... READ MORE

Q&A: What do “NC” and “UNC” mean on VoIP Headsets?

November 14, 2022
If you have been shopping for a headset, you would notice that some headsets are labeled as “NC” or “UNC”. What do they mean? Let’s ... READ MORE

Unboxing Grandstream GXV3480

November 10, 2022
The Grandstream GXV3480 IP Video Phone for Android is one of the newest releases from Grandstream Networks! In this video, we'll unbox, set up, and ... READ MORE

How to Configure the Emergency Call Number on LINKVIIL by Fanvil WiFi Phone W611W

November 4, 2022
While most phones allow you to call emergency service when your phone is locked, LINKVIL by Fanvil W611W has another great feature that gives you ... READ MORE

5 Things You Need to Know about SkyAMP VoIP Supply and SkyAMP partnered together last week to host a webinar detailing the benefits SkyAMP can bring. If you missed the webinar, don’t miss ... READ MORE

Multicast Zoning vs Legacy Channels: What are the Key Differences?

October 31, 2022
Organizations often need to segment speakers into groups, which are often referred to as zones. However, referring to both analog zone controllers as zones or ... READ MORE
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