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The six month VoIP system ROI

April 6, 2009
This morning Doug Mohney at FierceVoIP dropped some great observations from last weeks VoiceCon show. The one observation that struck a cord here at VoIP ... READ MORE

What’s important in a business VoIP service? (win a free WiFi VoIP phone)

March 27, 2009
Over the quarter I've met and chatted with a number of business VoIP providers. The conversations have ranged in topics, but the one question that always ... READ MORE

10 Small Business VoIP Mistakes to Avoid

November 17, 2008
Over the last few weeks we have talked quite a bit about the best practices in selecting the right small business VoIP phone system. Together ... READ MORE

20 FREE SIP Softphones

November 4, 2008
Editor's Note: This article was originally posted November 2008 and there is an updated version for your viewing, 5 FREE SIP Softphones I occasionally run into ... READ MORE

Need an IP PBX? 101104 Alternatives to Cisco and Avaya.

October 31, 2008
A few months ago I began compiling a list of IP PBX products and other telephony platforms that are either directly Open Source, or are ... READ MORE

Is Mobile VoIP Ready For Your Business?

October 24, 2008
A few weeks ago, I was interviewed for a TechTarget piece on Mobile VoIP. One of the set's of questions that I was asked had to ... READ MORE

List of 35 41 "BYOD" VoIP Service Providers

October 13, 2008
Last week's post concerning how to select the right ATA device was well received, but should have included a list of "BYOD" VoIP service providers. What ... READ MORE

7 Answers You Need Before Buying a Phone System

September 26, 2008
Getting the right phone system for your business shouldn't be difficult. After all, most of you who are reading this probably have better things to ... READ MORE

Jazinga SOHO Phone System Hits The VoIP Supply Shelves

September 25, 2008
On Wednesday, our neighbors to the north, Jazinga, formerly released their new VoIP Phone System for the SOHO market. Now, I know you are probably ... READ MORE

So What’s All This IP Stuff Anyway?

August 25, 2008
3 part series by Anthony Cafaro Part 2 The need for surveillance solutions began roughly in 10,000 BC when rivaling tribes would pillage one another’s food stock ... READ MORE