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We Are Not Alone Anymore: Affiliate Marketing

June 27, 2008
Since the inception of we have been fortunate enough to have a dedicated group of installers, network consultants, VoIP enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and webmasters who have ... READ MORE

Manufacturer’s Support… A major question to consider when purchasing an IP PBX

May 9, 2008
When in the market for a new VoIP system, the pressing question always arises: What type of support will I be receiving from the manufacturer? ... READ MORE

AastraLink Pro 160 VoIP PBX Review

April 18, 2008
Aastra Telecom's first SIP-based IP PBX Aastra Telecom has announced that it will be releasing its first SIP-based IP PBX in early May; the AastraLink Pro ... READ MORE

IP PBX Solutions for Your Business

March 16, 2007
FINDING THE RIGHT IP PBX FOR YOUR BUISINESS Voipsupply offers a variety of different IP PBX platforms. The platforms serve a wide array of customers and ... READ MORE

7 Ways To Improve VoIP Call Quality

February 23, 2007
VoIP Call Quality is the Most Important Factor For Today's VoIP Consumer Tracy Mayor over at VoIP-News have an excellent post on seven ways to improve ... READ MORE

Switchvox IP PBX Solutions

February 19, 2007
I have received feedback from a lot of readers regarding the Linksys Voice System blog last week. Several people found it intriguing enough to call ... READ MORE

To VoIP or Not to VoIP, That is the Question…

February 14, 2007
As a salesperson, it’s ironic that I spend a lot of time convincing people not to use Voice over IP (VoIP). It’s not that ... READ MORE

Small Business IP PBX Solutions

January 25, 2007
The Linksys VoiceSystem 9000 We’ve all read the statistics on the increased use of VoIP in 2006 and how 2007 will be a break out year. ... READ MORE

9 Benefits of SIP Trunking

October 19, 2006
One of the biggest "buzz" phrases at this week's Internet Telephony Conference was SIP Trunking. From the conference track, to the expo floor, SIP Trunking ... READ MORE

Are You Wasting Money on Your IP Phones?

August 28, 2006
A recent article in CIO Today based on a report from Gartner Inc. revealed that businesses will waste $20.3 Billion on IP Phones with features ... READ MORE