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Switchvox SOHO Overview

October 12, 2010
Switchvox SOHO Overview Switchvox SOHO is Digium’s switchvox software offering for small or home offices, though many business including larger organizations can still benefit from the ... READ MORE

Benefits of Switchvox

September 16, 2010
The internet has changed the way business operate, this allows a variety of companies; including small and medium sized organizations to compete with enterprise companies ... READ MORE

Benefits of 3CX

September 8, 2010
3CX is an easy to install, flexible phone system that operates on a number of popular windows versions (xp, vista, 7, 2003, 2008).  With the ... READ MORE

How to Select a Hosted Service Provider

August 19, 2010
Telephony services are perhaps the most important service to any business. What would happen to your business if the telephone system stopped working? This makes ... READ MORE

VoIP and Your Network

July 19, 2010
Looking to join the ever growing number of businesses using a cutting edge VoIP phone system, but concerned you're infrastructure is ready? No need to hesitate ... READ MORE

Which 3 Series is Right For Me?

July 16, 2010
Ah, the Ultimate Driving Machine. Beautifully designed. Powerful and sophisticated. Wait, this isn't Jalopnik. Sorry to all of you auto enthusiasts out there who thought we'd be taking ... READ MORE

Benefits of Video Conferencing for Small Businesses

June 11, 2010
The use of video conferencing technology by small businesses can have many benefits, not the least of which is helping the bottom line. Cost Savings Having employees ... READ MORE

From Analog to IP Paging

June 1, 2010
As one of the senior sales representatives at VoIP Supply I field numerous calls each day from folks like you who are looking to migrate ... READ MORE

Video Conferencing Solutions Now Available at VoIP Supply

May 10, 2010
If you don't know it already or can't tell from my posts I talk a lot. More precisely I communicate a lot. From face-to-face meetings, phone calls, ... READ MORE

Benefiting from VoIP – Hosted or Premise?

April 22, 2010
A lot of businesses these days find themselves faced with tightening budgets and outdated phone systems deployed 10 or more years ago. I speak with ... READ MORE