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VoIP Faxing with the Sangoma Fax Sync Cable

August 24, 2009
Looking for a reliable VoIP Fax Solution? Wait no longer. The Sangoma Fax Sync Cable can help. All of you VoIP engineers, installers and end users have ... READ MORE

VoIPSupply Labs: How to Configure the Linksys / Cisco WIP310 for Trixbox PRO Enterprise

August 12, 2009
One of our readers recently shared some issues they were having getting the Linksys / Cisco WIP310 WiFi VoIP Phone up and running on Trixbox ... READ MORE

Aastra adds electronic hook switch (EHS) support

August 10, 2009
As of the latest software release by Aastra ( Patch July 09), the following Aastra IP Phones now support Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) or otherwise known ... READ MORE

Using OpenVPN with Snom IP Phones

August 5, 2009
Did you know that you can configure two Snom IP phones for VPN without additional equipment? Snom provides a special firmware load for the Snom ... READ MORE

Help with Mass Provisioning Snom Phones

June 24, 2009
If you are a fan of Snom phones, you might be interested in a handy CGI script for mass provisioning Snom phones that I came ... READ MORE

VoIPSupply Labs: 4 Uses for the New Cisco SPA8800 Gateway

June 2, 2009
There are bunch of interesting applications for the new Cisco SPA8800 4FXS + 4FXO SIP gateway. Having both RJ11 FXS and FXO ports makes the ... READ MORE

VoIPSupply Labs: Tip for Cisco IP Phone Owners Migrating to SIP Version 12

To all Cisco CP-7940G/60G owners thinking about upgrading to Cisco's new SIP Version 12.0 firmware....please pay attention and avoid a migraine! Being that I run a ... READ MORE

VoIPSupply Labs: Integrating Nokia "E" Series Phones with Switchvox PBX (Plus Asterisk or any SIP IP PBX)

May 12, 2009
Do you already own a Nokia "E" Series mobile phone, or are you considering purchasing one? The Nokia "E" series phones, although not inexpensive, offer ... READ MORE

Tech Tip: Programming a Hold Button on the Snom 300

April 29, 2009
The Snom 300 has everything you could ask for in a budget-minded, business class SIP desk phone.....Dual RJ45 Ethernet Ports, 2-Line LCD Display, Power Over ... READ MORE

5 Ways to Minimize the "Hassle" of Switching to VoIP

April 20, 2009
Earlier today Doug Mohney wrote a piece at FierceVoIP about the resistance to migration many cable providers are facing from business customers. In the word's ... READ MORE