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Selecting a Phone for use with Skype

May 25, 2010
Last week we took a look at how to select a headset for use with Skype. In that post we went through the basic options available ... READ MORE

Selecting a Headset for Skype

May 19, 2010
Four Easy Steps to Selecting a Skype Headset Most folks who are utilizing a VoIP service these days don't realize the importance having the right equipment ... READ MORE

Cisco IP Phone Headsets

May 3, 2010
So you have put the research into it, tried out a demo unit, and finally you have decided on Cisco IP Phones for your VoIP ... READ MORE

Learn more about VoIP equipment with one of our FREE guides!

January 14, 2010
If you're like me you're always interested in learning more about VoIP. Whether you're a seasoned VoIP professional or a small business that's ready to make ... READ MORE

VoIP Faxing with the Sangoma Fax Sync Cable

August 24, 2009
Looking for a reliable VoIP Fax Solution? Wait no longer. The Sangoma Fax Sync Cable can help. All of you VoIP engineers, installers and end users have ... READ MORE

Aastra adds electronic hook switch (EHS) support

August 10, 2009
As of the latest software release by Aastra ( Patch July 09), the following Aastra IP Phones now support Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) or otherwise known ... READ MORE

Improving business VoIP with edge devices

June 11, 2009
Voice quality and reliability are the two things that every business should be concerned about. As VoIP technology has continued to improve and evolve the traditional ... READ MORE

Labs: Setting Up the Polycom VVX 1500 with Switchvox

April 17, 2009
Earlier this week we unboxed the new Polycom VVX 1500 Video Phone and promised to share some details of our experience in integrating the VVX ... READ MORE

What’s important in a business VoIP service? (win a free WiFi VoIP phone)

March 27, 2009
Over the quarter I've met and chatted with a number of business VoIP providers. The conversations have ranged in topics, but the one question that always ... READ MORE

Ask Mr. Andrews: Hard Phone or Softphone?

November 18, 2008
Q: I run a small office with 25 employees, 10 of whom work in our call center making outbound sales calls. We are about to ... READ MORE