First Look: RenegadePBX 1U Appliance

October 5, 2015 by Jeff Quinn

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We are excited to announce the first ever VoIP Supply branded IP PBX, the RenegadePBX 1U Appliance. At VoIP Supply, we strive to put you, the customer, first. With over 13 years of perfecting your buying experience before, during and after your purchase we wanted to bring this experience to our own appliance.

The choices are all up to you!

In true VoIP Supply fashion, we didn’t want to limit you to only certain choices with your IP PBX. The RenegadePBX allows you to mold the exact appliance needed for your situation.

  • Choose your own open source software platform (installed on your appliance prior to shipment)
  • Connection to the PSTN if needed
  • Choose the SIP trunking provider you would like (our new CloudSpan Marketplace will assist you with choosing a provider)
  • Pair multiple brands of VoIP phones


Why the RenegadePBX?

Below are just a few reasons we believe our IP PBX is above the competition. We encourage you to give us a call and discuss the value we bring with our VoIP Solution Specialists.

  1. Optional open source software installation at no charge
  2. VoIP Supply offers pre sales consultation and post sales support
  3. Ability to handle up to 75 concurrent calls
  4. Scalable from small to large offices
  5. RenegadePBX 1U Appliance Datasheet


What’s inside the appliance

Since you will have the choice of what unified communications (UC) platform to choose from the call features may very slightly. The RenegadePBX is a 1U rackmountable chassis IP PBX with a 61GB SSD hard drive, 2GB DDR3 memory and two PCI card slots. Here are a couple suggested appliances with a UC platform pre-installed for you; RenegadePBX 1U Appliance (with Elastix) and RenegadePBX 1U Appliance (with FreePBX).

Contact Us!

Now that you have some information about our brand new RenegadePBX, please contact our VoIP Solution Specialist and quiz them with all of your questions at 800-398-VoIP or [email protected].

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