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April 11, 2008 by Arthur Miller

Rockbochs introducing Faxxbochs

RockBochs, Inc, creators of the popular Trixbox / Asterisk server Phonebochs, announced earlier this month its Fax over IP Solution, Faxxbochs.

About the Faxxbochs

“A truly reliable Fax over IP solution; This is not a simple ‘E-Fax’ service, but rather a solution that leverages your existing internet connection to provide a cost effective way to transmit and receive paper fax, provide fax to email functionality, automatic archival, with a full web-based management interface.” states Chad Behling, owner of RockBochs, Inc.

Read more about the offerings here:



  • It is useful for the power of organization the full capacity of the essential data of filing of fax, of the dispatching communication and fax-to allow our applications.

    To announce more about this service?

  • Jason

    If you think that nobody uses fax machines nowadays what with the proliferation of email, you would be very wrong. Not only are fax machines still in existence, they are also used quite extensively by many businesses. The fact is that it is simply not possible to send certain types of documents by any other means. But obviously there are several disadvantages associated with fax machines. You need a fax machine, toner and paper. The machine needs to be maintained well. Once a fax is received, it has to be manually copied and sent to different people if they should all view it. Not to mention the hassle of filing paperwork.

    Fax to email service is an easy alternative to traditional faxes. It sends and receives faxes just as normal fax machines do, but it also combines the ease of email. You receive faxes that are sent from an ordinary fax machine directly to your email inbox. You can also configure the settings so that the faxes may be received by multiple recipients. Not only are you receiving faxes using superior technology, but you are also cutting down on the paper and toner costs.

    Fax to email service is available on 0800 numbers, 0844 numbers and 0845 numbers.

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