Choosing a VoIP service provider is just as important as choosing the right VoIP phones.

VoIP Service Guide

VoIP Supply’s Guide to VoIP Service is now available for download.

Just like with any technology purchase, it always pays to do your homework.

If you ask the right questions up front, you can avoid signing with a risky provider — or one that doesn’t offer what you need.

Most VoIP service providers offer basic capabilities such as voicemail or call hold but may not give you the advanced features, service options, or scalability that your business needs.

This buyers guide looks at:

  • What is VoIP Service?
  • VoIP Phone System Anatomy
  • VoIP Requirements List
  • How to Choose a VoIP Service Provider
  • Ways to Improve Call Quality

Click here to download the VoIP Service Guide today.


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  1. Agreed. Choosing a VOIP in a hurry might just prove to be a wrong choice. When I am considering a VOIP app I ask is it free download? is it giving free connectivity? and are the calls to non VOIP users cheap? has recently popped up with a YES to all these questions, plus some other cool features. I am going to find out more!