How to Hijack Wireless Video Surveillance

March 29, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

Thanks to John Honovich at IP Video Market Info for pointing out this video report of the perceived threat of wireless surveillance hijacking.

Honovich adds the following commentary that the wirless surveillance kits referenced in the video are the inexpensive, entry level, basic models used by homeowners and small businesses who only need simple systems:

These kits generally do not offer encryption nor significant constraints in accessing the video. If you walk down a busy street, sooner or later you are likely to find one (the video implies that this happens all over the place but this may be aggressive editing on the producer’s part). 

On the other hand, these kits are statistically uncommon in video surveillance overall and in professional wireless deployments. Obviously, the overwhelmingly majority of surveillance is wireline and therefore immune to this hack. Even among wireless systems, professional versions generally have encryption or use IP transmission, preventing these cheap wireless appliances from intercepting the video feed.


  • Dave

    What is the make/model of your camera hunter?

  • Not sure of the make/model but, it’s a Wireless Personal Video Recorder. On his model you can see “2.4G Wireless PVR” – almost like something from a baby monitor kit.

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