How do you provide more value to your customers while gaining trust, loyalty, and recurring revenues?

One way to achieve all those is by offering your customers cloud-based Unified Communictions (UC) via ADTRAN’s new ProServices suite of network deployment services.  Jon Arnold, independent telecom industry analyst, explains the opportunity in his recent article, Reinventing the Network – ADTRAN’s ProServices.

Like a lot of other networking and communications equipment vendors, the ADTRAN business model is continuing to follow the convergence from analog to IP-based systems and now, they’re listening to the latest customer demands to provide cloud-based communications.

Arnold explains that, “While it’s not clear whether this is really the best choice long-term, that’s where the value seems to be now – perceived for sure, and possibly for real. Regardless, vendors can’t afford to ignore this trend, and ProServices is meant to be an end-to-end set of capabilities that can support channels however far they want to take the cloud/hosted/managed route.”

UC is a Service, Not a Product

Customers want value and if you’re just supplying them with the hardware for a hosted UC solution, you’re going to be facing a lot of competition with low margins.  Arnold describes the current market in a vendors versus carriers scenario:

As often stated, UC is a service not a product, and as cloud and virtualization both play bigger roles, it becomes easier for carriers to own the end customer. Previously, the business was shared, with carriers providing connectivity and vendors providing the premise-based solutions. Now, carriers can provide everything, potentially cutting out the vendor and minimizing the role of the channel. 

This is where you can step in with ADTRAN ProServices to private label your own cloud offering to “maintain ownership of the customer” because “at the end of the day [that’s] all that matters, and the best way to do that is provide value in ways that resonate with those customers.”



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