These days, whether you like it or not, technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Things like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even smartwatches are used by millions of people every day and it is becoming harder and harder to remember life without these devices.

And while these devices play a huge role in our everyday personal lives, they have seemingly dominated the workplace as well. Hearing the term BYOD is nothing new and having the ability to use these devices for work is becoming the norm.

Being able to work away from the office and your desk is a great and freeing feeling, but sometimes you have no choice but to check in and set up shop for the day in your office.

For these days, we sometimes end up using our desktop PCs and desk phones instead of our tablets, cell phones, and laptops. So why wouldn’t you want the latest and greatest technology for your desk too? I know I would.

Thie brings us to the Grandstream GXV3240. This phone is packed with so many features it is ridiculous. It is basically a cell phone for your desk. It has everything from a built-in camera for video calling and taking pictures to having its own music player!

gxp3240While I could go on and on about what this phone is equipped with, for this blog, I wanted to single out one feature that I thought was particularly awesome when I was researching the product. That feature is the ability to record calls and store them right on your phone!

Not only is this a convenient tool to have, but it is simple to use too! All you have to do is follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to archiving all your important calls right on the GXV3240 itself!

How to Record a Call on the Grandstream GXV3240

  1. Make a call, obviously! Once you are on a call your GXV3240 screen will display two main options in the form of soft buttons. One of the soft buttons is Options and the other is End.
  2. Press the Options button, it will bring up two choices. One choice being Video On and the other being Start Recording.
  3. Press Start Recording and your call will begin to be recorded, that’s it!
  4. To stop the recording you can tap Options again and hit Stop Recording or just hang up the call

The recorded files are automatically stored and can be retrieved from the GXV3240 application called Recorder that you can find in the Applications Menu.

This is a much faster and easier way to record and save important calls rather than having to retrieve them from your service providers call logs! So, for all of you who have the Grandstream GXV3240 on your desk, happy recording!

Do you use the Grandstream GXV3240 or another IP desk phone that can record calls with ease? If so, let us know what your experience has been like, we want to know!



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