How to Transfer a Call with the Incom 1000G WiFi Wireless Phone

January 27, 2017 by Steve Lopian

Wifi phones are becoming more popular in the workplace. This is especially true in warehouse and hospital settings.

If you work in a hospital, having a WiFi phone allows you to carry your phone on you at all times. This is a very important feature because it can eliminate the need to be paged, and having to continually check a desk phone for messages and missed calls, which can become daunting.

If you are in a large warehouse setting, then you know how frustrating it can be when you are across the room from a ringing desk phone. WiFi phones help solve this problem by allowing you to answer a call from anywhere, which can boost productivity instantly!

One of the more popular WiFi phones that are on the market right now is the Incom 1000G. This phone is feature rich and is easy-to-use.

For those of you that already have this phone, or are still learning how to utilize the phone’s features, we are going to cover how to transfer a call.


How to Transfer a Call with the Incom 1000G

incom-1000gThis simple, but important feature is easy to use on the Incom 1000G. If you are on the line with a customer or patient, and you need to transfer them to a different department, simply press the Send button to place the caller on hold.

Once the call is on hold, you then dial the number or extension you are transferring to. Once the number is dialed, press the send button again. This will begin calling while your original call remains on hold.

After the call is answered you will then press the left” •” button. This will access your menu. From the menu, highlight the transfer option using the directional pad in the center of the phone and press OK.

And VOILA! Your call is transferred! It can feel pretty good to be more efficient on the phone, especially while being anywhere in the workplace. If you feel like this is something that can benefit your productivity, then I would highly recommend looking into the Incom 1000G for your business or workplace!

Do you have a different WiFi phone that you use currently? Let us know what it is!

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