Skype Announces New Calling Plans

January 18, 2007 by Garrett Smith

Skype’s New Pricing is Anything But Disruptive

In a move to better monetize their service, Skype today announced a new connection fee for international calls, and a new plan, SkypePro, that offers a flat rate monthly fee for free nationwide monthly calling. Touting their new pricing structure as “distruptive,” for most Skype users the only thing distruptive about these new calling plans is the additional money that will need to be spent on connection fees.

While Skype is still one of the cheapest ways to make a phone call, the PR spin on charging customers more for the same service is, well, laughable. There are times for spin and there are times to tell the truth. Everyone knows Skype is a business and everyone knows they are in business to make money. Be up front about it. Don’t tout “disruptive pricing” and “Taking Internet Communications One Step Further With New Pricing Strategy”, tell us, the consumer, that the gravy train is over and we need to start to pay. Be honest and open.

Here are the facts of the new pricing structure:

New connection charge (3.9 eurocents per call)
Skype Pro calling plan for some countries (Flat Rate)
Select regions receive 1.7 eurocent per minute global calling

From the looks of this, and other moves, the “land-grab” is over. Skype is now looking to monetize of all of the subscribers that have been using the service for free, now that they are either hooked-on it or have seen the value of Skype. Great for Skype, not so great for infrequent users. It had to come sometime….

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