5 Reasons Surveillance In the Cloud Makes Sense

June 27, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

One huge advantage of an IP camera based surveillance system over their analog, coaxial cousins is vastly better image quality.

So why are so many analog cameras still in use? 

Dragging Surveillance Into the Digital Age

Matt Krebs at TechNewsWorld asks, “In a world where HDTVs, Blu-ray and 3D IMAX features dominate the entertainment landscape, how can video from surveillance cameras be so poor?”

Cost is always factor but the gradual shift to higher quality, full-featured IP cameras can also be attributed to surveillance systems that haven’t broken down yet.  Many systems still employ analog components that have not out-lived their usefulness on fully functioning infrastructure that was expensive to install.

That may now change with surveillance in the Cloud.

Hosted Video Partnership 

Krebs explains that, “As with other virtualized services, a hosted video surveillance platform allows users to leverage the power and cost-effectiveness of cloud services by eliminating the need for on-site storage and maintenance.” 

In his article Reeling Video Surveillance Into the Digital Age he outlines these five reasons why cloud services are changing the surveillance industry:

  1. Hosted Video Is Finally Secure Enough
  2. Hosted Video Is Surprisingly Easy to Use and Affordable
  3. Hosted Video Offers More Benefits Than On-Premises Systems
  4. Hosted Video Works for Large and Small Businesses
  5. Hosted Video Works With Functioning Analog Systems

Converging analog cameras to an IP-based system can still be easily accomplished with video servers but surveillance in the Cloud opens up new possibilities for those still hesitant to upgrade their surveillance systems.


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