Are you considering to use Polycom Phones with Digium Switchvox but you are worried about the compatibility and other possible issues? Your questions have been heard! Our VoIP experts are here to answer the three frequently asked questions about using Polycom phones with Switchvox. Let’s find out!


Question 1: Can I use Polycom VVX phones with Switchvox?  

Answer 1: A customer can use Polycom VVX with Switchvox but it’s important to understand the difference in the features they will and will not receive.  

Switchvox customers get the tightest integration when using a Digium Phone as compared to any other phone on the market. The phone applications (contacts, status, call queues, interactive voicemail, voicemail screening, etc.) are just a few of the features that really differentiate a Digium phone compared to other SIP phones.

See this video below that highlights some of the Digium Phone features under 2 minutes:  

For example, the status, presence and contacts apps, will save you an enormous amount of time on a daily basis.  You can press the contacts soft key on my D65 and start typing a name and immediately able to see the status/presence indicator of the person you are trying to reach.

Question 2: Do I need to add the Polycom feature pack to the order?

Answer 2: The Switchvox Polycom Phone Feature Pack enables easier configuration and greater flexibility and control for users and admins.  However, as Digium continues to roll out new integration and features, there is no guarantee that the Polycom phones will support the features.   

Today, the Polycom Phone Feature Pack enables features such as distinctive ringtones, you can enable or disable the missed call notifications, etc. More detail on Phone Feature Packs can be found here.

Question 3: If I have valid licenses and use Polycom phones, will I get full support from Digium?

Answer 3: Digium doesn’t support the Polycom phone (hardware).  However, Digium tech support will assist with answering questions related to the configuration/setup of an eligible Polycom phone when using a Switchvox Polycom Phone Feature Pack.  

More questions about Polycom phones, Digium phones, and Switchvox? Call one of our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today!



August 1st, 2017, Digium announced the release of their new E-Series Switchvox appliances and subscription changes.

Targeting small to medium businesses, Digium’s new E-Series Switchvox appliances are built with less operational complexity and better value at an even lower price. The Switchvox E-Series includes the E510, the E520, the E530 and the E540. Let’s see what all the buzz is about!


Up to 500 Users and 200 Concurrent Calls

If you have ever used any of the older versions of the Switchvox appliances, you will tell the difference right away. The E-Series are all SIP only appliances with up to 600 supported phones, 200 concurrent calls, and 200 conference users. Much powerful and flexible than before.

Less Weight, Lower Price

Comparing to the older, smallest versions of the Switchvox appliances, the Switchvox 80 and the Switchvox 310, the E510 is much lighter (less than 2 lbs) and can easily fit in your backpack. What’s even better is that you can get the E510 for less-than-half the price of the Switchvox 310. It comes with no bundled registration code (hardware only) and pre-installed Switchvox software.

The next level up, the E520 appliance also supports more concurrent calls and conference users (up to 100) than its counterparts with only 6 pounds of weight at a much lower price. The E-Series appliances are the first ever Switchvox appliances that are powered by Dell hardware. Check out how the E520 and E530 compare to the older Switchvox 310 and the Switchvox 360 models in the charts below!


iDRAC8 Enterprise with Lifecycle Controller

The E530 and E540 support up to 600 phones and up to 200 concurrent calls. They are also Dell-based appliances with less than 24 lbs weight at a much affordable price. These two models are equipped with the iDRAC8 Enterprise with Lifecycle Controller with no additional costs, allowing you to monitor, maintain, and update your units easily.


Where Can I Purchase the E-Series?

The E-Series Switchvox Appliances are now available for purchase on VoIP Supply’s website. Visit our Siwtchvox product page to learn more about the new appliances or simply call our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today for more details!

Subscription Changes

The other big announcement today is Digium’s support subscription changes. Digium previously had four main support levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium), +Virtual as well as Maintenance. These are sold by a single user, 5-user, 25-user, and 100-user pack.


Gold Subscriptions
Originally, Digium announced that on October 1, 2017, current Gold Switchvox subscriptions would no longer be available for renewal. They have amended that policy to the following:

  • Customers with current Gold subscription will be grandfathered into the Legacy Gold support level and can continue to renew their support by purchasing Gold renewals and system maintenance beyond October 1, 2017
  • Legacy Gold customers will also be able to add additional subscriptions to their existing Gold systems.
  • Any customer buying a completely new system will be purchasing under the current pricing model rolled out on August 1, 2017, which only allows for Platinum and Titanium Subscriptions

Silver Subscriptions
Silver subscriptions are end of life. Our earlier communication was that Silver customers would be upgraded for free to Gold support by purchasing Gold renewals and system maintenance by September 30, 2017. As a result of initial customer feedback, Digium will be revising our policy to the following:

  • Silver is end of life, but a Silver customer can upgrade to Gold for free beyond October 1, 2017.
  • Optionally, Silver customers can opt for 24/7 support and upgrade to Platinum for a small fee per user. Platinum does not require a yearly maintenance fee (previously $500 per system), so for many customers, this will be the preferred, most cost-effective route.
  • Silver customers upgrading to Gold will be able to renew and add subscriptions per the details above.
  • Any customer buying a completely new system will be purchasing under the current pricing model rolled out on August 1, 2017, which only allows for Platinum and Titanium Subscriptions
  • Shop NEW E-Series Appliances!

    After a long wait time, the headset you ordered has finally arrived. You can’t wait to open the box and try it with your VoIP phone but only find that it doesn’t work with your phone!

    Urgh… frustrating.  Luckily, your apprehension has been heard!


    a-guide-to-voip-headset-and-phone-compatibility-2The VoIP Supply team has created a comprehensive VoIP Phone & Headset Compatibility Guide to lead you to your right solutions within seconds. This guide covers top brands of VoIP phones and headsets including Grandstream, Cisco, Polycom, Sangoma, Yealink, Snom, Mitel, Digium, Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser, and VXi. Best of all, it’s FREE to download! Check it out today.

    • Learn the compatibility of IP phones and headsets
    • Explore ways of connectivity between IP phones and headsets
    • Learn product options for VoIP phones and headsets
    • Gain valuable insights to make the right purchase decision!

    Fill out the form below to download:

    school-picFrederick Bird Primary School is a larger-than-average primary school opened in 1905 in the inner city community of Coventry, UK, serving over 720 pupils from diverse cultural backgrounds. In order to keep up with several infrastructure rebuilds and extensions over the years, Frederick Bird has been relentlessly maintaining and updating their learning environment to provide the best education and welfare to each and every child in the school.

    The Challenge

    Frederick Bird’s old phone system had a long history and was outdated. It became expensive to maintain and difficult to make any changes to the system (e.g. move an extension). The running costs of the old system were high with multiple ISDN line rentals and ISDN call charges and upgrading the old phone system was not cost effective. Therefore, the school determined that they needed a new system that was not only more cost effective, but also easier to administer and deploy. To accommodate the newly built extension, the Frederick Bird School needed to modernize their phone system.

    The Solution

    Digium The Asterisk Company LogoAfter extensive research by Danny O’Grady of Coventry City Council and Micheal Cross, IT Manager of Frederick Bird Primary School, the Digium Switchvox system was selected as providing the best value given its rich functionality. Frederick Bird chose Digium IP phones for easy deployment with existing CAT5 infrastructure. They deployed D70s for the front-office staff and D40s for the rest of the school.

    “Having the ability to join the front-office pool (as an agent) simply by pressing one button”, said Tara Taylor, Business Manager, “was particularly useful, especially during school holidays when front office staff is on leave.”


    The Results

    Following the rollout of the new system and initial training of front office staff by Daconi, new features have slowly been introduced. The useful functions of the new system that the school staff already benefits from include voicemail-to-text, incoming faxes are automatically emailed to staff, customizable address books/ handsets, and more.

    Looking at the bigger picture, Frederick Bird School has saved the operating costs by replacing three ISDN2 rentals with one broadband rental, retaining the PSTN line for the broadband, fax, and as a voice backup. Office space was also saved by using Switchvox to terminate fax calls instead of dedicated fax equipment. Savings on call charges were also made by using an independent SIP provider.

    Extending the use of the free Softphone apps for iPhone and Android phones and making use of Switchvox’s messaging capabilities to enhance communication, are the next possible steps that Frederick Bird is planning in the near future.

    Download the Case Study Here

    Digium Switchvox LogoWith Switchvox, it’s more than just the call, it’s about solving all your business challenges with a comprehensive UC solution. Now, Digium’s Switchvox applications are extending the power of Switchvox even further!

    You don’t need to be a developer to enjoy the benefits of application integration. Plus, all the applications are FREE. Switchvox applications create a seamless, efficient communications solution for every business. Try them all today!

    #1 Switchvox Softphone app for Android and iOS

    Your employees can now use their mobile devices for advanced communications, enjoying the flexibility they need to work anywhere. Check out some of the enterprise-class UC features:

    • Send and receive calls, just like you’re at your desk
    • Keep your private number private; callers see only your desk phone number
    • Make extension-to-extension calls
    • Advanced Call Control – Such as 3-way calling, transfer, hold, and more
    • Real-time Status/ User Presence
    • Connect over WiFi, 4G or LTE

    Learn More

    #2 Switchvox for Salesforce

    Take advantage of the Salesforce and Switchvox integration that allows you to be more efficient right from within the Salesforce interface. Users can click-to-dial within records, display matching records during incoming calls, log calls directly, and easily update their Switchvox status – all without leaving Salesforce. Check out the video below!

    Learn More

    #3 Switchvox for Outlook

    If you are an outlook user, you can now connect with your Outlook contacts easily. Dial a phone number from within Outlook and receive a desktop notification for incoming calls that includes the caller’s contact information, allowing you to personalize your greeting to match your contact and build relationships that last.

    Learn More

    #4 Switchvox Dial for Chrome and Firefox

    Want to call a number on a website without manually enter the number into your phone? Not a problem. With this application you can dial any phone number directly from their browser with the click of a button, creating more efficient workflows. Switchvox Dial works on any web page and with all popular web applications (ex: Gmail, LinkIn, Outlook/Office365). Also enjoy the following features:

    Automatically Find and Highlight all phone numbers in the current web page

    • Dial any phone number with three simple steps, select the phone number, right-click and choose dial
    • Simple redial, even if you’ve already left the web page
    • Dial your Switchvox contacts without opening the Switchboard

    Learn More

    Are you using any of the Digium’s Switchvox applications? Which one do you find most useful?

    digium-d80Recently, Digium’s D80 IP Phone received the 2017 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award.

    The D80 IP phone is an HD touchscreen desk phone for businesses who are looking for a high-quality phone at an affordable price. It features a 7-inch HD display with multi-point capacitive touchscreen, 100 rapid dial/busy lamp field (BLF) entries, dual 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit network ports and advanced touch-optimized applications.

    Digium is proud to be honored and dedicated to continuously moving forward with innovative, easy-to-use and affordable devices.

    “The award honors the best, most innovative unified communications products and solutions released in the last twelve months.” as judged by the editors of TMC’s INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

    Take a look at the D80 IP phones today and learn what great features it has to offer!

    As a proud partner of Digium, we would like to congratulate them on this award!

    Digium kicked off the opening of ITEXPO with the release of the D80 IP Phone, an HD touchscreen desk phone for businesses who are looking for a high-quality phone at an affordable price. Yes, you heard it right, the words quality and affordable in the same sentence isn’t that amazing!

    digium-d80-touchscreen-ip-phoneThe D80 features a 7-inch HD display with multi-point capacitive touchscreen, 100 rapid dial/busy lamp field (BLF) entries, dual 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit network ports and advanced touch-optimized applications. This model is perfect for users who want an easy-to-use interface with the highest level of quality.

    Digium phones support plug-and-play provisioning. Simply plug the phones in, automatically discover your Asterisk or Switchvox server, select the user, and start talking!


    • 7-inch, High Definition (HD), 800 x 1280 pixel backlit color LCD display
    • Multi-Point capacitive touch-screen display
    • 1-line appearance
    • 20 on-screen Rapid Dial / BLF keys, scrollable to 100
    • Feature and context-sensitive functions
    • Headset, speaker and mute functions
    • 2-color LED Message Waiting Indicator
    • Volume control
    • 2P2C handset jack
    • Electronic Hookswitch port
    • Wireless Headset support (coming soon)
    • 2 switched 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports
    • 802.3at/af Power over Ethernet
    • 5-volt DC power port

    The D80 IP Phone comes with a one year warranty and the minimum software requirements are Switchvox 6.3.5 and DPMA 3.4. The D80 touchscreen IP phone will be available beginning in March 2017, for $329 USD.

    Another one bites the dust.

    It wasn’t that long ago that we discovered Elastix had gone the way of the dodo and left us scratching our heads. Now, Avaya files for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. What is this world coming to?

    Digium Switchvox LogoIf you’ve ever had a job in a sizeable building (especially as I.T.), you’ve probably seen some sort of Avaya equipment hanging around somewhere. They (Avaya) quickly became a household name, of sorts, in the early 2000’s and was the product of both Lucent Technologies, and AT&T. In the early years, Avaya was known for being innovative, and a front runner in the unified communications market space. As the years rolled on, the open standard SIP protocol became more prominent and began taking possession of market share slowly but surely. Companies like Avaya stuck with proprietary signaling, for the most part, and although it remained a serviceable enterprise-grade telephony solution it started losing it’s grip to the likes of platforms like Asterisk, and Freeswitch, which were built around the SIP protocol.

    SIP allowed traditional telephony, and eventually, VoIP to be exponentially more affordable, drastically reducing things like ROI, and TCO. Phone systems also became smaller, and no longer occupied entire rooms. The glory days of big, loud, obtrusive PBX’s have certainly faded in favor of small rack mounted, or even shelf “mounted” appliances. Of course, you now have the option of virtualizing platforms like Asterisk, and all of its offspring.

    Speaking of Asterisk’s offspring, Digium is now offering a promotion for current Avaya and Nortel customers looking to make a change. If you own one of these systems and it’s showing its age, now might be the time to consider a change and obtain special pricing when you purchase a Digium system from VoIP Supply. Don’t get left out in the cold when you need support from Avaya.

    Similarly to Avaya, Digium was born in the early 2000’s, and was founded by a man named Mark Spencer. Digium competed directly with companies like Cisco, Avaya, and Nortel and quickly became a disruptive force. Unlike proprietary vendors, Digium will never lock you into a specific network equipment vendor which means you are free to choose a solution that fits your needs and budget. You can easily upgrade your phone system without a total “rip and replace”. At VoIP Supply, you’ll find everything you need to design a custom VoIP solution.

    So, why Digium? Well, Digium has a system called Switchvox, which is one of my favorites. It’s one of my favorites for a few key reasons. Whether you are an IT admin or an everyday user, the interface is amazing, and literally spelled out for those who are not quite savvy when it comes to VoIP. Everything is well thought out, and settings/options are in places you’d expect them to be. Switchvox, also has a fantastic call center solution that’s included in the system. Switchvox’s Switchboard allows users to monitor and interact with call Queues, and active calls on your phone via a web-based interface. You can also chat with your co-workers, utilize click and drag call handling, change your presence status (Busy, DND, Out to Lunch..), see who is parked, initiate a monitor/shisper/barge, and even see a map of where a phone call is coming from.

    Call center solutions that have a similar feature sets are few and far between, and among them, I would consider Switchvox the most feature rich and cost effective. The best part is with Switchvox, all features are included at one low price. You don’t have to worry about a complicated or expensive feature licensing model. Switchvox saves money and decreases the complexity of your phone system because you get so many products in one. You don’t need extra servers for third-party solutions for voicemail, mobility, conferencing, call recording, etc. Switchvox deployment options are flexible to meet the changing needs of your business. It’s the same great feature-rich software regardless of whether you choose a premise based appliance, virtual or cloud platform.

    If it’s time to start looking at a new phone system, whether or not you are a prior Avaya customer, you should take a good look at Digium’s Switchvox. To have any questions answered, or if you just want more information, be sure to give VoIP Supply a call.

    Image result for itexpo 2017Are you a Digium, Asterisk and Switchvox fan? Get your ITEXPO tickets before it’s too late! Digium’s next big thing is coming!

    Digium is going to announce their new product release at ITEXPO 2017 at Asterisk World Pavilion on February 8, 2017 in Ft. Lauderdale FL. VoIP Supply will be there for the reveal and provide all the information you need at the moment it is released. We will also have real-time updates on our social media, so be sure to follow us!

    That’s not all. We have a FREE ExpoPlus Pass for you! This free ticket will include Keynotes, general sessions, free workshops, networking receptions and unlimited Exhibit Hall access. Does not include access to conference sessions or meals. Register now!

    Can’t wait to see the big release? Here’s a quick glimpse! See you at ITEXPO 2017.

    Here is a deal you can’t miss out on! When you sign up for a 3-Year service contract with Switchvox Cloud you’ll get a FREE D60 IP Phone!

    Each new seat gets a free D60 and any new seat added to an existing contract that upgrades to a 3-year contract also gets a free D60!


    Digium’s D60 is a 2-line IP Phone that supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and best of all it offers a beautiful 4.3 inch color LCD display. Competitors can’t beat that!

    How can you take advantage of this offer? Each new seat in a 3-year contract of Digium Switchvox Cloud service will receive a free Digium D60 phone.

    • Available on ALL new 3-year unlimited service contracts. Not available on new month-to-month or 1-year contracts.

    • Available for existing customers adding new seats (requires upgrade of existing month-to-month or 1-year contracts to a 3-year contract with new seats.)

    • Only available on the Switchvox Cloud unlimited service (excludes metered).

    • Customers will be allowed to keep the phones upon completion of the 3-year contract terms. However, customers will be required to return rental phones if they terminate the contract before the 3-year term is met, and pay a prorated fee for the unused term based on phone MSRP.

    Call us now at 1-800-398-VoIP to take advantage of this limited time offer.

    This offer will only be available until March 31st, 2017.