Technology and VoIP Jobs In Buffalo, NY… Yes they are here!

April 15, 2008 by Garrett Smith

No one will mistake Buffalo, NY for Silicon Valley, but over the last few years, the region has become something of a hot bed for technology companies.

And this has caused a land grab for the area’s top tech talent.

Although the Western New York area is home to over a half dozen colleges and universities, many technology companies are finding it increasingly hard to find IT staff.

In Sunday’s Buffalo News, VoIP Supply was profiled as one local company that is not only flourishing, but doing it all with local talent. As an employee here for the last five years, I can tell you that it has been thrill to see a little five man operation turn into over 70, with aspirations to be well over 80 by the end of the year. While the growth in headcount is great, the greatest part about the growth is that most of the people who have come into the doors here have been friends (and or family members) and those who were not will soon become.

So many times in business we all forget about what really matters; people. A few weeks ago, I had a candid conversation with our CEO, Benjamin Sayers. We were talking about the vision for the business and it had nothing to do with size, revenues or profits, but what he said was “creating an awesome work environment where everyone looks forward to coming to work, feels challenged, appreciated and has the ability to learn, grow and succeed in whichever path they might choose.” If that does not define people over profits, I am not sure what does.

Over the last week, fresh off our recognition as the Best Place to Work in Western New York and the story above in the Buffalo News, I have had the opportunity to first hand see what can happen when a organization is created that puts people first and profits second. Sure we aren’t perfect, but it will never be because of a lack of trying.

To the 70 current employees, I’d like to say thanks for all that you do here and to anyone who is looking to be part of an enjoyable, dynamic, high energy culture, check out the employment opportunities we have here; it’s well worth the five minutes.

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