Where IP Video Is Used And How It Can Be A Successful Surveillance Option For You

October 19, 2010 by Nathan Miloszewski

If you’ve been considering the advantages of an IP camera based surveillance system but are wondering if this is a solution that works for you, read on as I highlight the top markets that have successfully benefited from the many advanced and flexible options that IP cameras provide.


With strong IT infrastructure already in place for their existing day-to-day operations, schools needn’t worry about spending additional funds on new cabling for network video, making it an attractive alternative, in terms of cost, to a traditional analog/CCTV surveillance system (especially in instances where there’s no existing surveillance system).

If you’re considering a surveillance system for your school, university or daycare center, consider all the added benefits that a network video solution provides:

  • Security and remote monitoring of playgrounds, hallways, and classrooms
  • Vandalism deterrence and increased safety of staff and students
  • Event management features that can generate alarms and provide real-time images on which to base decisions/actions
  • An option for remote learning or, for students who are unable to attend class in person

An excellent camera choice for vandal resistance and school settings is the ACTi ACM-7411.


High quality images, high frame rates and long retention times are needed for video surveillance of railway stations and tracks, parking lots and garages, highways and airports. Only network video and the progressive scan technology of IP cameras can deliver this type of performance for the high-profile, post-9/11 installations in the transportation sector.

The rugged Axis 209FD-R is used in buses, trains, and taxis to keep passengers safe and prevent violence. 


Banks are no strangers to video surveillance although in this traditional security application, most installations are still analog. For the banks that value high image quality and the ability to easily make facial recognitions without question in a surveillance video, IP cameras on a network based system are beyond compare for ATM’s, bank branches, and corporate headquarters.


The safety and security of public environs such as museums, offices, libraries and prisons is of great concern for all levels of government around the world. Network video’s secure communication, scalability and image quality make it one of the most useful tools to:

  • Fight Crime: Detect serious threats and deter violence, theft, and vandalism.
  • Emergency Response: Grant police and fire fighters access to a facility’s cameras and allow them to pinpoint the location of a crisis.
  • Entrances & Exits: Record who comes in and out, 24 hours a day. Deter criminals or provide evidence and with intelligent video applications such as people counting, network video can provide statistical information such as the number of visitors to a building.

City Surveillance

Network video is one of the most useful tools for fighting crime and protecting citizens – Detect and Deter. Wireless networks allow city-wide deployment of network video and the remote surveillance capabilities have enabled police to quickly respond to crimes being committed in live view.

Cities rely on robust outdoor IP cameras like the Axis Q6032-E to watch over streets and keep people safe.


The largest market for video surveillance, retail chains can easily deploy 50 to 300 cameras per store. Loss Prevention and Assets Protection teams are better equipped to:

  • Reduce and record shrinkage
  • Rapidly detect potential incidents and false alarms
  • Integrate network video with the store’s EAS and POS systems

In a large installation such as retail, the cost of network video is lower than a traditional analog system. Plus, network video is not just for surveillance. It also packs in value-added functionality such as:

  • Optimize store layouts and displays by identifying the most popular areas of a store and recording consumer activity and buying behaviors
  • Identify when shelves need restocking
  • Notice when more cash registers need to be opened because of long lines

Popular dome IP camera models for these retail applications are the ACTi ACM-3511 and the ACTi ACM-3701.


Having already used Ethernet and TCP/IP for a long time, industrial environments are a natural fit to incorporate network video to:

  • Monitor and increase efficiencies in manufacturing lines, processes and logistic systems
  • Secure warehouses and stock control systems
  • Set up virtual meetings and get tech support at a distance

In the next post I’ll discuss the demands of the video surveillance market and how they’ve shaped the sometimes overwhelming array of IP camera choices and options and, what you’ll need to be on the look out for to make the right selection for your application.

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  • jaydeep sharma

    i want to buy network security camera in a large quantity but i dont know that how it will be install.pl tell me.i have got almost 250ip phone and grounded wire also .pl suggest me.thanks

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