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Network Attached Storage from Netgear


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About Netgear Storage

Don’t compromise your data. Your home or business will benefit from the protection and centralized location of data from Netgear Storage systems.

Share files, create an offsite backup, and utilize the smartest way to solve all your storage problems with the Netgear ReadNAS Pro family.

Business-class features at marginal costs make it easy to get the right capacity, performance, warranty and complete 3rd party certification set to create reliable solution of your choice.

Why buy Netgear Storage?

  • Ideal platform for smaller locations.
  • Cost-effective backup to disk solutions for remote offices.
  • Hybrid cloud support for online archive, file sharing and managed services.

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  1. Netgear ReadyNAS 3100

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    The ReadyNAS 3100 is a 1U 4-bay storage system designed for those seeking reliable and affordable server virtualization and file storage. The ReadyNAS unified architecture supports both NAS and SAN applications and solves numerous data management problems with a single system. Redundant power supplies deliver high reliability, and NETGEAR's RAIDiator operating system ensures stability. Integrated data protection and offsite replication features make managing complex business storage environments affordable.

1 Item(s)