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About Netgear Switch Modules

If your switches are in a pinch for extra connectivity, Netgear Switch Modules are ideal for end-users and technicians with simplified hot-swappable installation and removal.

Netgear's line of switch modules support industry standard SFP and GBIC interfaces and are compatible with third party vendors’ products.

Why buy Netgear Switch Modules?

  • Adds Fast Ethernet fiber connectivity to fully Managed Switches
  • Fits into standard SFP slots
  • Hot-swappable installation or removal
Netgear switch modules

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  1. Netgear AXC753

    SKU: 02-117597

    ProSafe 3M direct attach SFP+ XFP DAC CABLE
  2. Netgear AX745 ProSafe 10GBASE-T RJ45 I/O MODULE

    SKU: 02-117596

    This is a I/O Module 10GBASE-T for Netgear's M5300 Series.
  3. Netgear APS135W Power Module

    SKU: 02-111963

    ProSafe APS135W Power Module for GSM7328S-200/GSM7352S-200
  4. Netgear AXC763 ProSafe 3m Direct Attach SFP+ Cable

    SKU: 02-111966

    Direct Attach SFP+ copper cable (10GSFP+Cu) with SFP+ connector on both sides
  5. Netgear AXM762

    SKU: 02-111968

    NETGEAR AXM762 ProSafe 10GBASE-LR SFP+ LC GBIC Adds 10 Gigabit Ethernet "long-reach" LC fiber connectivity to the standard SFP+ interfaces
  6. Netgear AX744

    SKU: 02-111969

    AX744 - Switch Module - 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adds 10 Gigabit Ethernet "InfiniBand" CX4 connectivity to GSM72xxPS/GSM73xxS
  7. Netgear RPS5412 Optimal Power RPS Managed Sw

    SKU: 02-111971

    Optimal Power External Redundant Power Supply for GSM series switches
  8. Netgear ProSafe Optional Redundant Power Supply for XSM7224S-100NAS

    SKU: 02-111970

    Redundant hot swappable Power Supply for XSM7224S-100NAS
  9. Netgear APS525W Redundant Power Supply

    SKU: 02-111964

    ProSafe Auxiliary Power Supply APS525W Provides a replaceable power supply for the GSM72xxPS series

Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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