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VoIP Adapters with a Built-in Router

Looking for an easy way to convert your existing analog technology into a VoIP system? Check out these VoIP ATAs with a built-in router! These VoIP adapters come with a router that can deliver integrated data, security, and wireless services at broadband speeds. 

If you’re looking to connect an additional IP device such as your PC, check out Poly’s OBi302 ATA! This device is equipped with 2 RJ45 ports, so you can connect to your broadband router and to another device.

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Why VoIP Adapters with a Built-In Router?

  • Support faxing using T.38
  • Integrated broadband router
  • An easy way to convert your analog system into VoIP

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  1. Poly OBi302 - 2 FXS ATA with Router and QoS

    SKU: 02-114559

    The Poly OBi302 is a Service Provider quality, 2 port Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) which allows you to use your existing analog phones or fax machines to make calls using the internet. It includes an integrated 2 port router with QoS and has the ability to work wirelessly using OBiWiFi or OBiBT. The OBi302 will work with most SIP-based Internet Service Providers (ISP) and is available with Zero Touch customization with a small minimum order quantity.
  2. Grandstream HT814 ATA

    SKU: 02-123312

    Grandstream HT814 Analog Telephone Adapter is an easy to use 4-port ATA with an integrated Gigabit NAT router. Anyone looking to convert their existing analog technology into a VoIP system would benefit from this powerful ATA.

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