Built-in Router

VoIP Adapters with a Built-in Router

Looking for an easy way to convert your existing analog technology into a VoIP system? Check out these VoIP ATAs with a built-in router! These VoIP adapters come with a router that can deliver integrated data, security, and wireless services at broadband speeds. 

If you’re looking to connect an additional IP device such as your PC, check out Poly’s OBi302 ATA! This device is equipped with 2 RJ45 ports, so you can connect to your broadband router and to another device.

Don’t forget to download our free VoIP Adapters Guide here!

Why VoIP Adapters with a Built-In Router?

  • Support faxing using T.38
  • Integrated broadband router
  • An easy way to convert your analog system into VoIP
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