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Generic 48V-PWR-CUBE3-G AC Power Supply

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Generic 48V-PWR-CUBE3-G 100/240 VAC Power Supply with AC Cord for VoIP Phones

Generic (OEM) AC adapter, 48v, compatible with all Cisco 79XX (Except CP-7905, CP-7936, CP-7937, CP-7985 model phones.) Volume discounts are available. Unlike the Cisco Systems CP-PWR-CUBE=, CP-PWR-CUBE2= and CP-PWR-CUBE3. Our adapter includes the required 5' AC Power Cord.

Generic 48V-PWR-CUBE3 Equivalent to Cisco Power Cube

Volume discounts are available. Unlike the Cisco Systems CP-PWR-CUBE, CP-PWR-CUBE2 and CP-PWR-CUBE3, our universal Cisco IP Phone power adapter includes the required power cord.

48V-PWR-CUBE3-G Features:

  • Equivalent in spec and form factor to Cisco Power Cube.
  • Compatible with all Cisco IP Phone models with the exception of CP-7905, CP-7936, CP-7937, CP-7985.

Generic 48V-PWR-CUBE3-G AC Power Supply

Michael Rehac

Direct: 716-213-6898

Why Pay $17.99 for the Generic 48V-PWR-CUBE3-G AC Power Supply?

  • 3rd Party Equivalent to Cisco CP-PWR-CUBE3

  • Volume discounts are available

  • Comptible with most Cisco CP-79XX Phone Models

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Questions on Generic 48V-PWR-CUBE3-G AC Power Supply

From vinod kumar at 11/26/2015 7:00 PM

Q: Hi,

generic question, can I use 48V 380mA power supply (cisco) for another product which is 48V 350mA.

A: Hi Vinod,

I would not recommend this, being it does have indeed a higher voltage rating.

Thank you,

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