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ClearOne Chat 50 USB

  • ClearOne CHAT 50 USB ClearOne CHAT 50 USB
  • Clear One CHAT 50 Clear One CHAT 50
  • CHAT 50 CHAT 50
  • ClearOne CHAT 50 USB Cable ClearOne CHAT 50 USB Cable

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Your Price: $129.99
Your Price: $129.99
The Clearone Chat 50 USB is a personal speakerphone and more! The CHAT 50 connects to a wide variety of devices for hands-free communications and audio playback. A perfect personal solution for road warriors and others who want rich full-duplex audio that is portable and economical. Read More
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ClearOne Chat 50 USB Personal SpeakerPhone

This is the ClearOne Chat 50 Personal USB SpeakerPhone 910-159-001.

The Chat 50 personal speakerphone is a mobile audio peripheral that connects to a wide variety of devices and provides crystal-clear, hands-free audio communication and playback. This model only includes Chat 50, USB cable, quick start guide, and CD.

ClearOne Chat 50 Personal USB SpeakerPhone Overview

The Chat 50 is a mobile audio peripheral that connects to a variety of devices and provides crystal-clear, hands-free audio communications. With unmatched full-duplex capability, users can simultaneously speak and listen without audio cutting in and out. The Chat 50 also provides high-quality audio playback for music, gaming and other sound files. It is slightly larger than a deck of cards, making it a truly mobile device.

The Chat 50 overcomes the shortcomings of other products on the market, while providing a superior conferencing experience by incorporating ClearOne?s proprietary audio processing technology to deliver business-class audio performance for personal conferencing at an affordable price for businesses and consumers. The ClearOne Chat 50 uniquely delivers plug and play simplicity with wideband audio, which produces a rich and full sound, rather than the constricted sound often associated with PC, mobile phone and handset devices. The Chat 50 can also replace headphones and headsets that can quickly become uncomfortable, restrict movement and tether the user to the device.

The Chat 50 is available in the following configurations:

ClearOne Chat 50 (Personal) Features and Functions

The Chat 50 can be used in a variety of ways, and connects to the following devices:
  • Laptops or PCs, for use with:
    • Internet telephony applications
    • VoIP softphones such as Skype
    • Web conferencing applications
    • Instant messaging with audio chat
    • Audio playback with media players
    • PC-based gaming
  • Telephones, for hands-free, full-duplex conversations
  • Mobile phones, for hands-free, full-duplex conversations
  • Desktop video conferencing devices, for hands-free, full-duplex conversations
  • MP3 players, for full-band audio playback single speaker

ClearOne CHAT 50 USB

Tim Moran

Direct: (716) 531-4270

Why Pay $129.99 for the ClearOne Chat 50 USB?

  • Personal USB Conference phone

  • No power connection, powered from your laptop or USB enabled device

  • Can also be used for MP3 players as a speaker

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Customer Reviews

(Submitted on ) | by

doesn't worth a third of its price
It doesn't worth half of its price. For someone who uses a laptop it adds no new value.

(Submitted on ) | by

Sorry. Waste of $ for why I bought it. I got it as a cell phone speaker/mic. The speaker is not bad, but the microphone is awful. No one can understand you at the other end.

(Submitted on ) | by

Best speaker phone in this price range.
Easy to use, plug-n-play with Windows XP and Vista. When using as a speaker phone, avoid moving objects near the Chat-50 as this often introduces temporary acoustic echo which can take a few seconds to cancel. Does not appear to have a Noise Suppression feature. This is the best speaker phone in this price range. Recommend this product along with Logitech Pro 9000 webcam for video as essential accessories for good quality PC based VOIP.

(Submitted on ) | by

Exactly what I was looking for!
Thanks VoIPSupply for offering this product....I have been searching for something like this for a long time!

(Submitted on ) | by

Great for use with a softphone
I use the Clearone Chat50 with my PC based softphone, registered to an Asterisk server at our office. It works awesome and the call quality is great!

(Submitted on ) | by

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