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Aastra Hi-Q Solution Overview

What is Aastra Hi-Q (High Quality) Audio Technology?

Having already been recognized for excellence in voice quality, Aastra has further enhanced the capabilities of it SIP phones with the introduction of Hi-Q (for Hi Quality). Aastra Hi-Q audio technology has been developed by Aastra to deliver enhanced performance and voice clarity for its 67xxi series of SIP phones. Incorporating wideband audio technology, Aastra Hi-Q significantly improves the audio quality of calls offering a truly superior voice experience.

Aastra has developed a sophisticated audio tuning feature that builds on the embedded G.722 wideband codec (already in all of the 67xxi telephones) and existing hardware design to produce an even more realistic handset and speakerphone communication experience.

What are the Benefits of Using Aastra Hi-Q?

Aastra Hi-Q enhances the clarity of voice calls making it easier to understand all that is said. It makes conversations more life like, giving a richer user experience. The benefits can be clearly heard on both handset and speaker phone.

Aastra's Hi-Q is available for all 67xxi SIP phones via a simple software upgrade, so both new and existing users can benefit from this innovative feature of the Aastra phones.

Aastra's Hi-Q will deliver benefits in many applications but one high value experience can be received when using Hi-Q as part of a "HD Audio Conference Service". Aastra has partnered with TurboBridge to offer a special HD Audio Trial as a means of let customers experience the high value service using Hi-Q audio. Go to for details.

What's Behind the Hi-Q Experience?

Aastra Hi-Q technology incorporates embedded G.722 wideband codec which is already built into Aastra IP phones. Whenever G.722 is used, Aastra Hi-Q technology is applied to enhance the voice path and enable users to experience the unrivaled clarity and an even more life-like conversation. G.722 is configurable on Aastra SIP phones and will only be used when both calling and called parties successfully negotiate the use of G.722. In the event one phone is using, for example, G.711 and another G.722, the call experience would revert to the G.711 use on both phones. Only when the higher quality codec (G.722) can be used end to end, would the Hi-Q experience be received. Aastra Hi-Q can be used between Aastra 67xxi SIP phones and any other device that supports G.722 codec.

How Do I Get Hi-Q to Work on my Aastra IP Phone?

Aastra phones can be programmed using a "Config" file or using the Aastra Web User Interface (UI) accessible from a PC with proper IP addressing and password credentials.

Summing it up!

Aastra Hi-Q Wide Band Audio delivers HD Voice quality to all Aastra VoIP telephones via the embedded G.722 codec. Update to the latest Aastra software level (2.5.2 or higher) to experience Hi-Q. For a real world Free Trial on Hi-Q and Wide Band technology in action, go to

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