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Mitel RFP 35 (Discontinued)

The Mitel RFP 35 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. There are no comparable replacements at this time please call 800-398-8647 or chat with an expert for a recommendation.

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Tech Specs
RFP 35

Mitel RFP 35 Indoor DECT Base Station

The Mitel  RFP 35 indoor IP DECT base station connects to your IP PBX and acts as a SIP endpoint device while giving DECT signaling for up to 20 Mitel SIP DECT handsets. The Mitel  RFP 35 can be used in access point deployments of 10 or more access points and a system license key is required.

You must purchase a Mitel  OMM CD if this is your first RFP L35 Deployment.

Mitel  RFP 35 Overview

The Mitel  RFP 35 is an IP DECT access point which can be used in clusters of 10 or more RFP 35's to create a company-wide IP DECT Phone solution. The Mitel RFP 35 is connected directly to your LAN, just like a VoIP Terminal, via its 10/100/1000 PoE LAN port. The RFP 35 supports DECT and GAP wireless standards. Each RFP 35 will support up to 8 simultaneous calls using the Mitel 142D, 610D, 620D, or 630D handsets. The DECT RFP 35 features 3 LED's signaling the current operating state, so you are never in the dark about whether your DECT network is up.

Mitel  RFP 35 Features and Functions:

  • - 8 simultaneous voice channels per RFP, 4 additional channels for switching purposes
  • - For use in deployments of 10 or more RFP Access Points
  • - GAP standard supported
  • - Connection handover in line with the GAP standard
  • - DSAA authentication between base and handset
  • - Support of DECT encryption
  • - Cordless system telephones can use all features offered by the OpenCom 100, 1000 and SIP-DECT
  • - Integrated DECT dipole antenna
  • - DECT XQ for minimization of interferences in reflecting environments
  • - 3 LEDs signalling the current operating state
  • - Central configuration, Central system journal, Central cluster administration, Local boot from Flash Memory
  • - Connection via Ethernet 100/1000 BaseT
  • - Power supply in line with Power over Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3af, class 3
  • - IPv4
  • - VoIP connection using RTP / RTCP protocol
  • - G.711 / G.722 / G.729AB1 codec depending on required voice quality and available bandwidth
  • - Quality of service supported by Diff-serv / ToS Flag
  • - Adaptive jitter compensation
  • - Echo cancellation / suppression
  • - Voice activity detection and comfort noise generator

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