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AastraLink PRO 160 (Discontinued)

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The AastraLink PRO 160 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Check out other VoIP PBX Hardware Appliances. Please give us a call with any questions at 800.398.VoIP.
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AastraLink Pro 160 VoIP Phone System

The AastraLink Pro 160 is a Linux-based appliance that hosts Asterisk® open source PBX software. Targeted for 25 users and under, the AastraLink Pro provides all the standard PBX/Key System features and functionality while leveraging a host of new IP-based services.

AastraLink Pro 160 VoIP Phone System Overview

By simply plugging the AastraLink Pro into an existing LAN (Local Area Network) it's ready to start communicating without the need of an installation technician. The AastraLink Pro will auto discover and configure any new Aastra phone connected to the system making the need for a service technician to perform moves, adds and changes a thing of the past.

Networking, Teleworking and Scalability The AastraLink Pro grows as your business expands. It can host up to 50 extensions when SIP trunking is used, and up to 9 AastraLink Pro systems can be linked together via IP to create a WAN linked multi site office environment.

Remote teleworking from a home office is as simple as taking an auto discovered AastraLink SIP phone and plugging it into your UPnP enabled home network. With no hidden application license or user costs, or the need of an installation technician,

AastraLink Pro is a cost effective and powerful small business communication system that tightly integrates with the following Aastra SIP phones and expansion modules: 6730i, 6731i, 6753i, 6755i, 6757i, 6757i CT, M670i, M675i, 9143i, 9480i, 9480i CT and MBU 400.

AastraLink PRO 160 Features and Function:

  • Local SIP extensions, remote SIP users and SIP Trunking
  • Auto fax detection and routing
  • Visual and standard voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email notification with audio attachment
  • Operator Console
  • Auto-attendant (AA) with day/night/holiday scheduling and custom announcements
  • Easy to use soft key management via global or local user templates with the ability to print softkey inserts
  • XML interface to on board Push Button Input Trigger and Relay Output
  • Built in audio in/out circuitry for music on hold and external paging
  • Standard PBX/Key system functions such as: Busy Lamp Field (BLF), Flexible Call Forward (CFB, CFNA, CFA), 3-way Conference Calls (3WC) and Call Park
  • Key System emulation of SLA (Shared Line Appearances) (FXO ports only) *
  • Enhanced system features such as: Find-Me Follow-Me (FMFM), Directed Call Pickup (DCP), Aastra SIP telephone auto discovery and FXO line monitoring via GUI
  • Up to 6 Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) ports for connection to analogue public telephone lines (PSTN). Each FXO is equipped with on-hook Caller ID detection and full G.168 echo cancellation

PRO 160
Mounting Option
# of FXS Ports
# of FXO Ports
# of Simultaneous Calls
Up to 24
AastraLink PRO 160  (Discontinued)

Darren Hartman

Direct: 866-675-8461

Why Pay $729.99 for the AastraLink PRO 160 (Discontinued)?

  • Local SIP extensions, remote SIP users and SIP Trunking

  • Auto-attendant (AA) with day/night/holiday scheduling and custom announcements

  • Auto fax detection and routing

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From manikumar at 9/25/2014 8:00 PM

Q: I want to connect two different locations through IP-PHONE. I am having the data connectivity. what are the equipments required for establishing the connection....please help me in this regard

A: There are many many products that will accomplish what you wish. Our Sales Team will be happy to assist

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