Patton CopperLink Long Range Ethernet+RS-232 Extender CL2386R/SP/EUI

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Patton CopperLink Long Range Ethernet+RS-232 Extender CL2386R/SP/EUI. Six (6) RJ-45 local Ethernet LAN Ports, Two (2) gigabit Ethernet WAN SFPs, Two (2) 1-Pair (2-Wire) line interfaces (for Local, Remote, Repeater or Multi-Point installation), plus digital input, and output contacts.  Primary Surge Protection included.  110-230 External AC Power.

Patton CopperLink Long Range Ethernet+RS-232 Extender CL2386R/SP/EUI

Patton’s rugged and reliable CopperLink 2320R is an IP-40 rated Industrial Extender for Ethernet and RS-232 that delivers, speed, and distance for industrial networking. Supporting topologies including point-to-point, multi-point, daisy-chain, and ring the solution delivers ultimate flexibility for utilization of copper cable plant.

Applications for the Patton CopperLink Long Range Ethernet+RS-232 Extender CL2386R/SP/EUI



  • Ethernet and Serial - Ethernet and RS232 Extension and Distribution. Two 10/100 Ethernet Ports and One RS232 Async Port.
  • High Speed Transport - Achieves 15Mbps over 1 twisted pair. Symmetrical rates are automatically adapted to the copper line conditions (noise environment, wire gauge/type and length).
  • All Topologies - Supports point-to-point, multi-point, daisy-chain, and ring topologies.
  • Long Range - Supports distances of 4 miles (6.5 km) for each span. The number of remote sites and total distance is almost unlimited based on the bridging and repeating capabilities.
  • Serial Device Server - It has an asynchronous serial to IP converter function (encapsulation) over UDP and TCP plus Telnet, Raw-IP, Message/Bloc, HNZ and MODBUS adaptation suitable for industrial data acquisition and control. Serial Master/Slave multipoint modem emulation.
  • QoS Traffic Prioritization - Rate Limiting and Priority Queuing functions enable prioritization of traffic types, such as time sensitive signaling or video streams. IP/DSCP, VLAN 802.1Q, Priority Queuing.
  • Packet Forwarding - A store and forward engine performs optimal packet forwarding, delivering the lowest latency for end-to-end transfer.
  • Highly Secure - Network access is secured by various standards for authentication and access control. STP, RSTP Secured Ring, 802.1X, and Radius.
  • Management - via local USB port (Host/Device), via SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, FTP and intuitive Web User Interface.
  • Ruggedized - Built into sturdy metal enclosure offering operating temperatures from -20 to +70°C, without fans, so it works in industrial environments with hot, cold, or humid conditions.
  • Flexible Mounting - It comes with DIN rail mounting kit for panel builds and can also be installed in a 19” rack.
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