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Adtran 1175408L2 (Discontinued)

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Adtran Total Access 750/850 Access Module - Adtran 1175408L2

The Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) and Foreign Exchange Subscriber (FXS) modules are used in the Total Access 750 and 850 to provide analog voice extension. The two units may be used in a back-to-back configuration for OPX applications or with the T1 interfacing directly to the CO switch in TR-08 mode. Up to six Quad FXO/FXS access modules may be deployed using the Total Access 750 or 850 allowing a maximum of 24 analog voice lines.

Adtran Total Access 750/850 Access Module - Adtran 1175408L2 with Quad FXS/DPO/PLAR

Four analog voice ports on the FXO/FXS access modules provide four individual connections to the switch or customer telephones. The units support standard loop start, ground start, and TR-08 signaling options. In addition to these signaling states, the FXS supports E&M wink start, E&M ground start, and several immediate start signaling states. Direct Inward Dial (DID) applications are supported with the Dial Pulse Terminate (DPT) and Dial Pulse Originate (DPO) functionality found on the FXO and FXS, respectively.

A unique feature of the FXS access module is the automatic gain provisioning option. This feature automatically adjusts the gain for short and long loops, therefore expediting installation time and decreasing provisioning errors. The auto gain feature may be overridden as a software function via the craft interface.

For further flexibility, the FXS may be deployed on long loops, up to 1200 ohm impedance. V.90 modems are also supported on both units, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Both FX0 and the FXS access modules are hot swappable. An individual access module may be replaced without disrupting other circuits. The Quad (4-circuit-per-card) design ensures a minimum number of analog circuits are affected when replacing an access module.

Adtran Total Access 750/850 Access Module Features

  • Provides four analog voice interfaces per module (up to 24 ports)
  • Supports Loop Start (LS), Ground Start (GS), Foreign Exchange Subscriber/Dial Pulse Originate (DPO), Private Line Automatic Ringdown (PLAR), and Ground Start/Loop Start to Ear and Mouth (E&M) conversions (tandem) Modes
  • Supports V.90 modems and fax machines
  • Unbalanced ringer interfaces
  • Output ring voltage 97 to 115 Vrms, 5 REN per port
  • Hot swappable
  • 23 mA nominal look current
  • Installs in any slot one through six