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Adtran 4213600L1TDM Total Access 600R

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The Total Access 600R is a cost-effective T1/FT1 access router designed for small and medium businesses, branch offices and campuses. The Total Access 600R provides 1.54 Mbps for "always-on" Internet access or remote office connectivity. With its integrated CSU/DSU, the Total Access 600R provides wide area network access over a standard T1 or fractional T1 circuit. With the Total Access 600R, carriers and enterprises can give multiple users network access over a single T1 connection. For simultaneous access to both a corporate network and the public Internet, the Total Access 600R offers the ability to configure multiple frame relay PVCs. In addition, the Total Access 600R includes NAT/NAPT and IP filtering which provides security from unauthorized access to the user's network. By teaming ADTRAN's NetVanta 2100 with the Total Access 600R, customers can add the protection of a Stateful Inspection Firewall and hardware-based VPN services. Read More

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Tech Specs

Adtran 4213600L1#TDM Total Access 600R

The Adtran Total Access 600R also provides a cost-effective campus connectivity solution. When used with private dry copper, the Total Access 600R delivers up to 1.54 Mbps to cross-campus network elements. This solution is ideal for extending LAN segments to other buildings. The Total Access 600R allows users to quickly setup and easily manage their network. The Total Access 600R offers a DHCP server allowing devices on the LAN to obtain their IP addresses automatically. Additional network management features include access list and password protected Telnet sessions and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support. The Total Access 600R also contains ping and Telnet utilities for network troubleshooting. With support for Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP), the Total Access 600R makes configuration, installation and software upgrades simple. Software can be upgraded remotely using TFTP or locally using the craft interface. Setup and installation of the Total Access 600R is made simple through the use of configuration files that can be uploaded to the unit using TFTP or XModem.

Adtran 4213600L1#TDM Total Access 600R

The industry-leading series of Total Access 600 Integrated Access Devices is leading the way in helping carriers implement cost-effective voice/data integration for IP network architectures and VoIP services. These scalable devices provide IP voice signaling, access routing, and integral firewall functionality for cost-effective delivery of Hosted IP Centrex or other IP voice and data services to the customer premises. Carriers can save on backhaul costs by implementing an IP network architecture without having to forklift upgrade existing customer installations. Currently deployed Total Access 600 Series devices are IP-ready and require only a software download for most applications. Total Access 600 Series IADs offer a single network interface, a robust IP router with single Ethernet interface, and fixed-port configurations for voice including 4, 8, 12, 16, or 24 FXS interfaces. In addition to supporting IP network architectures, these IADs also offer traditional interface options for T1 TDM, T1 ATM, and ATM over DSL. The Total Access 600R is a cost effective T1/FT1 IP access router for Internet connectivity or other data service offerings. Part of the Total Access System, the Total Access 600 Series are low-cost fixed-port, carrier-class Integrated Access Devices (IADs) and routers.

Adtran 4213600L1#TDM Total Access 600R Features:

    Access router with built-in T1/FT1 interface and 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port
  • Includes integrated T1 CSU/DSU
  • TDM or ATM configurable depending on software load